Definition of lightheaded Pronunciation
1. Dizzy or feeling faint, usually caused by a drop in blood pressure to the brain.
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English - English - lightheaded Pronunciation
adj. dizzy, faint, woozy
English - Spanish - lightheaded Pronunciation
adj. mareado
English - French - lightheaded Pronunciation
adj. écervelé; étourdi
English - German - lightheaded Pronunciation
adj. leichtsinnig
English - Italian - lightheaded Pronunciation
agg. stordito; non sapiente
English - Portuguese - lightheaded Pronunciation
adj. aturdido; tonto; exaltado
English - Dutch - lightheaded Pronunciation
bn. lichthoofdig; lijdend aan duizeligheid
English - Chinese - lightheaded Pronunciation
(形) 头昏眼花的
English - Chinese - lightheaded Pronunciation
(形) 頭昏眼花的
English - Japanese - lightheaded Pronunciation
(形) めまいがする, くらくらする, ふらふらする
English - Korean - lightheaded Pronunciation
형. 현기증이 나는

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