Definition of lighthouse Pronunciation
1. A building, usually a tower, containing a light to warn or guide ships.
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English - English - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. tall tower topped by a very bright light which is used to guide or warn ships
English - Spanish - lighthouse Pronunciation
s. faro, fanal
English - French - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. phare
English - German - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. Leuchtturm
English - Indonesian - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. menara api, mercu suar
English - Italian - lighthouse Pronunciation
s. (Mar) faro
English - Polish - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. latarnia morska, bakan
English - Portuguese - lighthouse Pronunciation
s. farol
English - Romanian - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. far
English - Russian - lighthouse Pronunciation
с. маяк
English - Turkish - lighthouse Pronunciation
i. deniz feneri, fener
English - Ukrainian - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. маяк
English - Dutch - lighthouse Pronunciation
zn. vuurtoren
English - Greek - lighthouse Pronunciation
ουσ. φάρος
English - Arabic - lighthouse Pronunciation
‏فنار، منارة‏
English - Chinese - lighthouse Pronunciation
(名) 灯塔
English - Chinese - lighthouse Pronunciation
(名) 燈塔
English - Hindi - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. रोशनी का मीनार, प्रकाशस्ंतभ
English - Japanese - lighthouse Pronunciation
(名) 灯台
English - Korean - lighthouse Pronunciation
명. 등대
English - Vietnamese - lighthouse Pronunciation
n. hải đăng

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Synonyms for lighthouse
beacon: sentinel, direction, guidance