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Definition of line

1. A path through two or more points (compare ‘segment’); a continuous mark, including as made by a pen; any path, curved or straight.
The arrow descended in a curved line.
1. Geometry An infinitely extending one-dimensional figure that has no curvature; one that has length but not breadth or thickness.
2. Informal A line segment; a continuous finite segment of such a figure.
3. Graph theory An edge of a graph.
4. Geography A circle of latitude or of longitude, as represented on a map.
5. ‘the line’ or ‘equinoctial line’ The equator.
6. Music One of the straight horizontal and parallel prolonged strokes on and between which the notes are placed.
7. Cricket The horizontal path of a ball towards the batsman (see also length).
8. Soccer The goal line.
2. A rope, cord, string, or thread, of any thickness.
9. Firefighting A hose.
3. Direction, path.
The line of sight;
The line of vision
4. The wire connecting one telegraphic station with another, a telephone or internet cable between two points: a telephone or network connection.
I tried to make a call, but the line was dead.
A dedicated line;
A shared line
Please speak up, the line is very faint.
5. A letter, a written form of communication.
Drop me a line.
6. A connected series of public conveyances, as a roadbed or railway track; and hence, an established arrangement for forwarding merchandise, etc.
A line of stages;
An express line
7. A trench or rampart, or the non-physical demarcation of the extent of the territory occupied by specified forces.
8. The exterior limit of a figure or territory: a boundary, contour, or outline; a demarcation.
9. A long tape or ribbon marked with units for measuring; a tape measure.
10. A measuring line or cord.
11. That which was measured by a line, such as a field or any piece of land set apart; hence, allotted place of abode.
12. A threadlike crease or wrinkle marking the face, hand, or body; hence, a characteristic mark.
13. Lineament; feature; figure (of one's body).
14. A more-or-less straight sequence of people, objects, etc., either arranged as a queue or column and often waiting to be processed or dealt with, or arranged abreast of one another in a row (and contrasted with a column), as in a military formation.
The line forms on the right.
There is a line of houses.
15. The regular infantry of an army, as distinguished from militia, guards, volunteer corps, cavalry, artillery, etc.
16. A series or succession of ancestors or descendants of a given person; a family or race; compare lineage.
17. A small amount of text. Specifically:
10. A written or printed row of letters, words, numbers, or other text, especially a row of words extending across a page or column, or a blank in place of such text.
The answer to the comprehension question can be found in the third line of the accompanying text.
11. A verse (in poetry).
12. A sentence of dialogue, especially in a play, movie, or the like.
He was perfecting his pickup lines for use at the bar.
"It is what it is" was one his more annoying lines.
13. A lie or exaggeration, especially one told to gain another's approval or prevent losing it.
Don't feed me a line!
18. Course of conduct, thought, occupation, or policy; method of argument; department of industry, trade, or intellectual activity.
19. The official, stated position (or set of positions) of an individual or group, particularly a political or religious faction.
Remember, your answers must match the party line.
20. The products or services sold by a business, or by extension, the business itself.
Line of business, product line
How many buses does the line have?
The airline is in danger of bankruptcy.
21. A number of shares taken by a jobber.
22. A measure of length:
14. Historical A tsarist-era Russian unit of measure, approximately equal to one tenth of an English inch, used especially when measuring the calibre of firearms.
15. One twelfth of an inch.
16. One fortieth of an inch.
23. A maxwell, a unit of magnetic flux.
24. The batter’s box.
25. The position in which the fencers hold their swords.
26. Proper relative position or adjustment (of parts, not as to design or proportion, but with reference to smooth working).
The engine is in line / out of line
27. A small portion or serving (of a powdery illegal drug).
28. Instruction; doctrine.
29. Population of cells derived from a single cell and containing the same genetic makeup.
30. (perfusion line) a set composed of a spike, a drip chamber, a clamp, a Y-injection site, a three-way stopcock and a catheter.
31. To place (objects) into a line (usually used with "up"); to form into a line; to align.
To line troops some more, please
32. To place persons or things along the side of for security or defense; to strengthen by adding; to fortify.
To line works with soldiers
33. To form a line along.
34. To mark with a line or lines, to cover with lines.
To line a copy book
35. To represent by lines; to delineate; to portray.
36. To read or repeat line by line.
To line out a hymn
37. To form or enter into a line.
38. To hit a line drive; to hit a line drive which is caught for an out. Compare fly and ground.
Jones lined to left in his last at-bat.
39. To track (wild bees) to their nest by following their line of flight.
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English - English - line

n. long thin mark; row; border; domain; tactic; rope; queue; layout; contour; wrinkle; descent; plan; profession; note; bit of useful information; procedure
v. place in a row; mark with a line or lines; underline; cover the inside of; pad, insert a lining; fill full

English - Spanish - line

s. línea, raya; fila, andana, cola, hila, hilada, hilera; renglón, verso; especialidad, campo de trabajo, rama; curso; cordel, cordón
v. revestir, aplicar un recubrimiento a, forrar, recubrir; rayar

English - French - line

n. ligne; rangée; limite; domaine; fil conducteur; corde; file; compagnie; ride; dynastie; programme; profession
v. ligner, régler; faire des lignes; tapisser; renforcer; doubler; se rider; emplir (poche)

English - German - line

n. Leitung; Kabel; Linie; Gerade; Zeile; Kampflinie; Telefonlinie; Schnur; Reihe; Schlange; Strich; Dynastie; Zügel; Schicksal
v. antreten, Aufstellung nehmen (Soldaten); sich anstellen (Reihe); auskleiden; füttern (Kleid); füllen (Taschen)

English - Indonesian - line

n. garis, setrip, seterip, gores, khat, gurat, tali, batas, retak, deret, deretan, jejer, banjar, juluan, jentret, barisan, antre, saluran, kawat, jalan, lin, lintasan, rel, jurusan, arah, cara bertindak, keturunan, baka, baris, surat pendek, tema, bidang, lapangan, macam, merek, jenis, golongan, perbentengan
v. menggaris, menderetkan, memperderetkan, mengatur, memagari, membatasi, berjajar jalan, melapis, melapisi, melapik, menempelkan, mengulasi

English - Italian - line

s. linea; riga, rigo; (metr.) verso; (fam.) letterina, due righe; filo, corda, cordicella, fune; ruga, solco, grinza; limite; linea di separazione; fila, filare; coda; direzione
v. essere allineato lungo, allinearsi lungo; bordare; fiancheggiare; segnare di rughe, rendere rugoso; tracciare righe su, rigare; mettere in fila, allineare

English - Polish - line

n. lina, linewka, przewód, wytyczna, linia, prążek, kreska, bruzda, rys, rubież, ordynek, wiersz, liścik, szereg, rząd, kolejka, ród, tor, torowisko, kierunek, trasa, dyscyplina, dziedzina, branża, fach, towar
v. liniować, poliniować, kreskować, pokreskować, zakreskować, pokreślić, przekreślać, rysować, zmarszczyć, poradlić, wysadzać, szereg: ująć w szeregi, ustawiać w szeregu, podszyć, podbić, wyściółkować, futrować, obłożyć, wykleić, wytapetować, obandażować, napełnić, pokryć, przekreślić, wysadzić, podszywać, podbijać, wyklejać, pokrywać
a. liniowy, przewodowy

English - Portuguese - line

s. linha; fila; limite; ramo; linha de ação; corda; programa; profissão; descrição
v. encarreirar; demarcar; sinalizar; marcas com linhas; estender; fortificar; forrar; encher (bolso)

English - Romanian - line

n. funie, frânghie, sfoară, şnur, aţă, parâmă, saulă, undiţă, linie, linie de demarcaţie, hotar, limită, linie de conduită, ecuator, instrucţiune, regulă, soartă, destin, trăsătură, schiţă, siluetă, contur, aliniere, şir, rând, domeniu, branşă, ramură, sferă, rid, cută, vers, poezie, rând scris, rând: rânduri, front, linie de bătaie
n. trupă: trupe de linie, linie de rudenie, neam, spiţă, linie de comunicaţie, rută, traseu
v. linia, haşura, brăzda, aşeza în linie, înşirui, alinia

English - Russian - line

с. линия, очертания, контур; предел; черта, штрих; мера длины; нотная линейка; веревка, шнур, леса, линь; граница, пограничная линия; морщина, борозда; ряд, развернутый строй, шеренга, очередь, хвост; направление
генеалогия,происхождение, родословная; образ действий, поведение; строка, строка изображения; стихи
г. проводить линию, выстраивать в ряд, выстраиваться в ряд, стоять вдоль, подбивать, обивать изнутри

English - Turkish - line

f. çizmek, çizgi çizmek, kırıştırmak, astarlamak, kaplamak, doldurmak
i. çizgi, hiza, hat, sıra, halat, satır, dize, kuyruk, kablo, bilgi, yöntem, işkolu

English - Ukrainian - line

n. лінія, риска, кордон, ряд, конвеєр, напрям, лінійка, риса, рядок, цеп, черга
v. лініювати, простягатися уздовж, зав'язувати, підбивати, підбити

English - Dutch - line

zn. regel; streep; snoer; lijn; rij; generatie; beroep
ww. opstellen in rijen; markeren; bekleden; versterken; ribbelen; vullen (van een zak)

English - Greek - line

ουσ. αράδα, γραμμή, σειρά, στίχος, είδος, σχοινί, σπάγγος
ρήμ. καλύπτω εσωτερικώς, φοδράρω, χαρακώνω, γράφω γραμμές

English - Arabic - line

‏خط، سطر، طابور، سلالة، صف، مبطن، طريق، سلسلة متصلة، صف من الجنود، حد فاصل، القوات المتقاتلة، خيط، خط بحري، خط جوي، ميدان‏
‏رتب، بطن، صف، خطط، نجد، إصطاد بالصنارة، نظم، رسم، شكل صفا، سطر، حدد، غطى‏

English - Chinese - line

(名) 绳, 索, 线; 列, 排; 线条; 行列
(动) 用线标示; 使有线条, 使起皱纹; 划线于; 沿...排列; 排队, 排齐; 给装衬里; 填; 用作衬里

English - Chinese - line

(名) 繩, 索, 線; 列, 排; 線條; 行列
(動) 用線標示; 使有線條, 使起皺紋; 劃線於; 沿...排列; 排隊, 排齊; 給裝襯裡; 填; 用作襯裡

English - Hindi - line

n. रेखा, पंक्ति, लीक, सतर, सफ़, राजि, रस्सी, तागा, तार, पद्धति, मार्ग, पथ, रेल-मार्ग, लाइन, श्रेणी, श्रेणि, रुक्का, पैदल सेना, क्रम, पेशा, कार्य क्षपत्र, सलाह
v. रेखा से अंकित करना, खींचना, रेखांकन करना, पंक्तिबद्ध करना, पंक्ति में खड़ा होना, अस्तर लगाना
a. रस्सीवाला, तागावाला, रेखावाला, पंक्तिवाला, रुक्का का, तार का, पैदल सेना का, मार्ग का, पथ का, पद्धति का, श्रेणी का, क्रम का, पेशा का, कार्य क्षपत्र का, रेल-मार्ग का, सलाह का

English - Japanese - line

(動) 線を引く; 沿って並ぶ; しわを作る; 裏を付ける; 内部を覆う
(名) 線; 列; 境; 領域; 戦術; ロープ; 並び; レイアウト; 輪郭; 皺; 家系; 計画; 専門; 注意書き; 短信; 手順

English - Korean - line

명. 선; 경계선;줄 ; 설비; 줄음; 계획; 사업; 방침;가계, 혈통; 유용한 소량의 정보
동. 선을 긋다; 밑선을 긋다; 안을 대다; 심을 집어넣다; 가득채우다

English - Vietnamese - line

n. sợi chải rồi, dây buộc thuyền, dây dò nước, dây câu, dây điện thoại, dây để vạch đường cho thẳng, dây cương, đường gạch, đường xích đạo, hàng, sắp theo hàng, đường chân trời, đại cương, hình thể, phòng tuyến, dòng dỏi, huyết thống, đường hàng không, lộ trình, nghề nghiệp, một loạt, đường xe lửa
v. gạch hàng, lót quần áo, ghép đồ vật
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Synonyms for line
1. family: ancestry, lineage, relative
2. row: rank, file, string, tier, echelon, queue
3. course: path, route, road, procedure, program
4. occupation: vocation, business, job, pursuit, calling
5. stripe: streak, band
6. align: order, line up, range
7. pad: quilt, embroider, face
Verb forms for line
Present participle: lining
Present: line (3.person: lines)
Past: lined
Future: will line
Present conditional: would line
Present Perfect: have lined (3.person: has lined)
Past Perfect: had lined
Future Perfect: will have lined
Past conditional: would have lined