Definition of listen Pronunciation
1. To pay attention to a sound or speech.
Please listen carefully as I explain.
I like to listen to music.
2. To expect or wait for a sound, such as a signal.
You should listen for the starting gun.
3. To accept advice or obey instruction; to agree or assent.
Listen, the only reason I yelled at you was because I was upset, OK?
Good children listen to their parents.
4. To hear (something or someone), to pay attention to.
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English - English - listen Pronunciation
v. try to hear something; pay careful attention to one who is speaking; obey, heed
n. artfulness, cunning, shrewdness, slyness; artifice, trick, trickery, maneuver, design
n. catalogue, list, inventory, report; (Computers) line in a database or spreadsheet that contains a complete set of information; roster
English - Spanish - listen Pronunciation
v. escuchar, dar oídos a, oír
Spanish - English - listen Pronunciation
[listar] v. list
English - French - listen Pronunciation
v. écouter, entendre; faire attention; obéir
English - German - listen Pronunciation
v. hören, zuhören; lauschen; gehorchen
English - Indonesian - listen Pronunciation
v. mendengarkan, mendengar, mendengar-dengarkan, memperhatikan, tunduk
English - Italian - listen Pronunciation
v. ascoltare, prestar orecchio, dare ascolto, sentire; dare retta; ubbidire
English - Polish - listen Pronunciation
v. słuchać, posłuchać, przysłuchiwać się, usłuchać
English - Portuguese - listen Pronunciation
v. escutar; ouvir; prestar atenção; obedecer; ouvir a voz-
English - Romanian - listen Pronunciation
v. asculta, trage cu urechea, atent: fi atent
English - Russian - listen Pronunciation
г. слушать, выслушивать со вниманием, прослушать, заслушивать; слушаться, прислушиваться; уступать; ждать сигнала
English - Turkish - listen Pronunciation
f. dinlemek, kulak asmak
ünl. baksana
English - Ukrainian - listen Pronunciation
v. слухати, слухатися, поступатися
German - English - listen Pronunciation
v. try to hear something; pay careful attention to one who is speaking; obey, heed
Dutch - English - listen Pronunciation
[list] n. artifice, ruse, wile, dodge, foxiness, guile, sleight, stratagem, contrivance, shift, shifting, finesse, art
English - Dutch - listen Pronunciation
ww. luisteren; horen; aanhoren; gehoorzamen
English - Greek - listen Pronunciation
ρήμ. ακροώμαι, ακούω, προσέχω, αφουγκράζομαι
German - Dutch - listen Pronunciation
listen ,opgaven
English - Arabic - listen Pronunciation
‏أصغى، نصت، إستمع‏
English - Chinese - listen Pronunciation
(动) 听, 留神听; 听从, 听信
English - Chinese - listen Pronunciation
(動) 聽, 留神聽; 聽從, 聽信
English - Hindi - listen Pronunciation
v. सुनना, ध्यान देकर सुनना, ध्यान देना, श्रवण करना
English - Japanese - listen Pronunciation
(動) 聞く; 耳を貸す; 耳を傾ける; 耳を澄ます
English - Korean - listen Pronunciation
동. 귀를 기울이다; 들으려고 주의를 기울이다, 경청하다; 따르다, 순종하다
English - Vietnamese - listen Pronunciation
v. nghe, nghe theo, lắng tai nghe

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Synonyms for listen
heed: mind, attend, attend to, mark, note, notice, obey
Verb forms for listen
Present participle: listening
Present: listen (3.person: listens)
Past: listened
Future: will listen
Present conditional: would listen
Present Perfect: have listened (3.person: has listened)
Past Perfect: had listened
Future Perfect: will have listened
Past conditional: would have listened