n. crushing and removing of kidney stones using a lithotripter (Medicine)
English - Spanish - lithotripsy Pronunciation
s. litotricia (Med. - pulverización de cálculos)
English - French - lithotripsy Pronunciation
n. technique de réduction des calculs urinaires à l'aide d'un lithotripteur (médecine)
English - German - lithotripsy Pronunciation
n. Nierensteinzertrümmerung (Medizin)
English - Italian - lithotripsy Pronunciation
s. litotripsia (pressione dei calcoli nei reni, in medicina)
English - Portuguese - lithotripsy Pronunciation
s. litotripsia, destruição de pedras nos rins (em medicina)
English - Dutch - lithotripsy Pronunciation
zn. verbrijzeling v.e. blaassteen met een lithotriptor (in geneeskunde)
English - Japanese - lithotripsy Pronunciation
(名) 破砕機による腎臓結石破砕除去(医学)

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