Definition of loan Pronunciation
1. A sum of money or other valuables or consideration that an individual, group or other legal entity borrows from another individual, group or legal entity (the latter often being a financial institution) with the condition that it be returned or repaid at a later date (sometimes with interest).
He got a loan of five thousand pounds.
All loans from the library, whether books or audio material, must be returned within two weeks.
2. The contract and array of legal or ethical obligations surrounding a loan.
He made a payment on his loan.
3. The permission to borrow any item.
Thank you for the loan of your lawn mower.
4. To lend (something) to (someone).
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English - English - loan Pronunciation
n. amount of money that has been borrowed; something borrowed; act of giving temporarily
v. lend a sum of money for a period of time; give temporarily, lend
v. praise, laud
English - Spanish - loan Pronunciation
s. préstamo, colocación, empréstito, préstamo de dinero, prestimonio
v. prestar
Spanish - English - loan Pronunciation
[loar] v. praise, laud
English - French - loan Pronunciation
n. prêt, emprunt
v. prêter
English - German - loan Pronunciation
n. Anleihe; Darlehen
v. leihen; ausleihen
English - Indonesian - loan Pronunciation
n. pinjaman
v. meminjamkan
English - Italian - loan Pronunciation
s. prestito; (Econ) mutuo
v. prestare, dare in prestito
English - Polish - loan Pronunciation
n. pożyczka, zapożyczenie, pożyczony przedmiot, zaliczka, wyraz zapożyczony
v. pożyczyć, pożyczać
a. pożyczkowy
English - Portuguese - loan Pronunciation
s. empréstimo; emprestado
v. emprestar
English - Romanian - loan Pronunciation
n. împrumut
v. da cu împrumut
English - Russian - loan Pronunciation
с. заем, ссуда, заимствование, что-либо данное для временного пользования
г. давать взаймы, ссужать
English - Turkish - loan Pronunciation
f. ödünç vermek
i. ödünç verilen şey, borç, ödünç para, borçlanma, ödünç verme
English - Ukrainian - loan Pronunciation
n. позика, позичка, запозичення, випозика, запозика
v. позичати, визичати
English - Dutch - loan Pronunciation
zn. lening; het uitlenen
ww. uitlenen; lenen
English - Greek - loan Pronunciation
ουσ. δάνειο
ρήμ. δανείζω
English - Arabic - loan Pronunciation
‏قرض، دين، إعارة، العارية شئ معار، كلمة دخيلة‏
‏أقرض، أعار‏
English - Chinese - loan Pronunciation
(名) 贷款, 债权人, 借出
(动) 借出, 贷与
English - Chinese - loan Pronunciation
(名) 貸款, 債權人, 借出
(動) 借出, 貸與
English - Hindi - loan Pronunciation
n. उधार, ऋण, उधार लिया हुआ धन, ऋण राशि
v. उधार देना, उधार लेना
English - Japanese - loan Pronunciation
(動) 貸す
(名) 貸し付け; 貸与; 借金
English - Korean - loan Pronunciation
명. 부채; 대여물; 빌려주기
동. 대부하다; 빌려 주다
English - Vietnamese - loan Pronunciation
n. tiền cho mượn, tiền cho vay, sự cho mượn, vay nợ, chừ mượn của nước khác
v. cho mượn, cho vay

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Dictionary Extension
Synonyms for loan
1. lend: accommodate, advance, credit, debit
2. advance: credit, mortgage, debt
Verb forms for loan
Present participle: loaning
Present: loan (3.person: loans)
Past: loaned
Future: will loan
Present conditional: would loan
Present Perfect: have loaned (3.person: has loaned)
Past Perfect: had loaned
Future Perfect: will have loaned
Past conditional: would have loaned