Definition of locker room Pronunciation
1. Characteristic of conversations held in locker rooms; that is, either very informal, boastful, juvenile, or explicitly sexual.
The others tired of Frank's habitual locker-room boasting about various women he had "scored" with.
2. A room attached to an athletic, recreational, or workplace facility, filled with lockers for storage of clothing and equipment; clothes are generally changed there.
We changed into our swimsuits in the locker room next to the pool.
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English - English - locker room Pronunciation
n. room with lockers (generally used for dressing and storing sports equipment)
English - Spanish - locker room Pronunciation
s. vestuario con cabinas
English - French - locker room Pronunciation
n. salle des casiers
English - German - locker room Pronunciation
n. Umkleideraum, Schließfächer
English - Italian - locker room Pronunciation
s. spogliatoio
English - Portuguese - locker room Pronunciation
s. compartimento (de bordo)
English - Romanian - locker room Pronunciation
n. vestiar
English - Russian - locker room Pronunciation
English - Turkish - locker room Pronunciation
i. soyunma odası
English - Dutch - locker room Pronunciation
zn. kleedkamer, kleedhokje
English - Arabic - locker room Pronunciation
‏غرفة الملابس في الملاعب، حجرة الأدراج المقفلة‏
English - Chinese - locker room Pronunciation
衣物间; 冷藏间; 更衣室; 小圈子聚会地
English - Chinese - locker room Pronunciation
衣物間; 冷藏間; 更衣室; 小圈子聚會地
English - Japanese - locker room Pronunciation
(名) ロッカールーム
English - Korean - locker room Pronunciation
라커룸, 체육관의 라커룸, 공장의 라커룸, 클럽의 라커룸
English - Vietnamese - locker room Pronunciation
n. phòng cất đồ

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