Definition of lockfast Pronunciation
1. Fastened or secured with a lock.
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English - Indonesian - lockfast Pronunciation
a. terkunci baik
English - Portuguese - lockfast Pronunciation
adj. fechado à chave
English - Russian - lockfast Pronunciation
прил. хорошо запертый, основательно запертый
English - Dutch - lockfast Pronunciation
bn. vastsluitend
English - Chinese - lockfast Pronunciation
n. 保险箱 (bao3 xıan3 xıang1)
English - Chinese - lockfast Pronunciation
n. 保險箱 (bao3 xıan3 xıang1)
English - Hindi - lockfast Pronunciation
a. बंद, मुंहबंद, झांपा हुआ, ढांका हुआ

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