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English English - Definition of logicalness 
n. reasonableness, state of being based on logic
Spanish English To Spanish - logicalness 
s. Lógica, ser lógico, estar basado en el pensamiento y la lógica
French English To French - logicalness 
n. logique, caractère de ce qui est logique, caractère de ce qui est basé sur la pensée et le raisonnement
German English To German - logicalness 
n. Logik, Vernunft, Zustand der auf Logik basiert
Italian English To Italian - logicalness 
s. logicità, razionalità, ragionevolezza
Portuguese English To Portuguese - logicalness 
s. lógica, racionalidade, o estar baseado no raciocínio e na lógica
Turkish English To Turkish - logicalness 
i. mantıklılık
Dutch English To Dutch - logicalness 
zn. het logisch zijn
Greek English To Greek - logicalness 
ουσ. λογικότης, λογικότητα
Japanese English To Japanese - logicalness 
(名) 分別のあること, 論理に基づいていること
noun: correct and valid reasoning.


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