Definition of lone Pronunciation
1. Solitary; having no companion.
A lone traveler or watcher
2. Isolated or lonely; lacking companionship.
3. Sole; being the only one of a type.
4. Situated by itself or by oneself, with no neighbours.
A lone house;
A lone isle
5. Unfrequented by human beings; solitary.
6. Single; unmarried, or in widowhood.
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English - English - lone Pronunciation
adj. solitary, sole, single; isolated, remote; alone, lonely; single, widowed
English - Spanish - lone Pronunciation
adj. solo, solitario
English - French - lone Pronunciation
adj. seul; unique, individu; délaissé; éloigné, dépeuplé; célibataire; veuf
English - German - lone Pronunciation
adj. allein, einsam; unbesiedelt; unverheiratet; verwitwet
English - Indonesian - lone Pronunciation
a. satu-satunya, sendirian
English - Italian - lone Pronunciation
agg. solo, solitario; unico; isolato; non sposata; vedova
English - Polish - lone Pronunciation
a. odludny, samotny
English - Portuguese - lone Pronunciation
adj. só, sozinho; único; isolado; solteiro; viúvo
English - Romanian - lone Pronunciation
n. singuratic, retras
a. singur, solitar {poet.}, stingher {poet.}
English - Russian - lone Pronunciation
прил. одинокий, уединенный, незамужняя, овдовевшая
English - Turkish - lone Pronunciation
s. yalnız, kimsesiz, tek
English - Ukrainian - lone Pronunciation
a. самітний, відокремлений, покинутий
English - Dutch - lone Pronunciation
bn. alleen, verlaten, eenzaam
English - Greek - lone Pronunciation
επίθ. μόνος, μοναχός, μοναχικός
English - Arabic - lone Pronunciation
‏الأرمل، وحيد‏
‏منعزل، متوحد، بيت معزول، قرية معزولة‏
English - Chinese - lone Pronunciation
(形) 孤单的, 单身的, 孤立的
English - Chinese - lone Pronunciation
(形) 孤單的, 單身的, 孤立的
English - Hindi - lone Pronunciation
a. निर्जन, अकेला, एकाकी, मंद
English - Japanese - lone Pronunciation
(形) 孤独な; 寂しい; 一人身の
English - Korean - lone Pronunciation
형. 고독한, 혼자의; 고립된, 동떨어진; 외로운; 독신의, 과부의
English - Vietnamese - lone Pronunciation
a. một mình, cô độc, hiu quạnh

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Synonyms for lone
1. isolated: sole, solitary, separate, unique, lonely
2. solitary: alone, separate, separated, unaccompanied, secluded, apart, lonesome
3. unity: one, single, sole, particular, unique