Definition of look-in Pronunciation
1. A quick glance.
2. A brief visit.
3. A chance to participate, compete, or succeed.
4. A quick short pass to a receiver running diagonally toward the center of the field.
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English - German - look-in Pronunciation
English - Indonesian - look-in Pronunciation
n. pandangan sekilas, pandangan cepat, kesempatan, harapan untuk menang
English - Portuguese - look-in Pronunciation
s. visita sem cerimônia (f)
English - Russian - look-in Pronunciation
с. взгляд мельком, короткий визит, посещение: короткое посещение, шанс (M)
English - Turkish - look-in Pronunciation
i. bakış: kısa bakış, uğrama, kazanma şansı
English - Dutch - look-in Pronunciation
zn. kans om mee te doen, kans op succes, bezoek : kort bezoek, blik : vlugge blik
English - Hindi - look-in Pronunciation
n. नज़र
English - Vietnamese - look-in Pronunciation
n. sự ghé thăm, sự đến thăm, sự không hy vọng

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