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English English - Definition of loom 
n. apparatus on which fabrics are woven, weaving machine
v. appear as a large and indistinct form; appear as larger than life; impend, be about to occur; weave fabric on a loom
adj. slow, languid, slack, torpid, inert, lazy, lethargic, dull
Spanish English To Spanish - loom 
s. telar; silueta borrosa
v. asomar, surgir; surgir amenazadoramente
French English To French - loom 
n. métier à tisser; tissage
v. tisser; apparaître; se dessiner dans le brouillard
German English To German - loom 
n. Webstuhl
v. auftauchen; abzeichnen (bedrohlich)
Italian English To Italian - loom 
s. (Tess) telaio
v. tessere
Portuguese English To Portuguese - loom 
s. tear, aparelho de tecer; tecelagem
v. aproximar-se, aparecer nublado; agigantar-se; tecer
Russian English To Russian - loom 
с. станок ткацкий, ткачество, очертания, мираж, отблеск, тень
г. неясно вырисовываться, принимать угрожающие размеры
Turkish English To Turkish - loom 
f. karaltı gibi görünmek, belli belirsiz görünmek
i. dokuma tezgâhı
English Dutch To English - loom 
adj. slow, languid, slack, torpid, inert, lazy, lethargic, dull
Albanian English To Albanian - loom 
n. gjergjef, hije, avlëmend, tezgjah, vegjë
v. shquhet turbull, përvijohet
Dutch English To Dutch - loom 
zn. weefgetouw; het weven
ww. opdoemen; plotseling verschijnen; weven
Greek English To Greek - loom 
ουσ. αργαλειός
ρήμ. διαγράφομαι
ChineseS English To ChineseS - loom 
(名) 隐约呈现的形象
(动) 隐约地出现; 阴森地逼近
ChineseT English To ChineseT - loom 
(名) 隱約呈現的形象
(動) 隱約地出現; 陰森地逼近
Japanese English To Japanese - loom 
(動) 機で織る
(名) 織機; 機織りの技術; ルーム; アビ; ウミガラス
Korean English To Korean - loom 
명. 직조기
동. 거대하고 어렴풋이 나타나다; 실물보다 크게 보이다; 임박하다; 직조기에서 직물을 짜다
noun: a textile machine for weaving yarn into a textile
verb: appear very large or occupy a commanding position Example:Large shadows loomed on the canyon wall.
verb: come into view indistinctly, often threateningly Example:Another air plane loomed into the sky.
verb: hang over, as of something threatening, dark, or menacing


 Synonyms for loom
1. appear: rise, materialise, materialize, emerge, come into view, emanate, issue
2. weaving machine:
3. appear imposing: menace, overshadow, tower, overhang, threaten, impend, overtop
Tenses for loom
Present participle: looming
Present: loom (3.person: looms)
Past: loomed
Future: will loom
Present conditional: would loom
Present Perfect: have loomed (3.person: has loomed)
Past Perfect: had loomed
Future Perfect: will have loomed
Past conditional: would have loomed

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