Definition of lot Pronunciation
1. A large quantity or number; a great deal.
To spend a lot of money;  lots of people think so
2. A separate portion; a number of things taken collectively.
A lot of stationery
3. One or more items auctioned or sold as a unit, separate from other items.
4. A number of people taken collectively.
A sorry lot; a bad lot
5. A distinct portion or plot of land, usually smaller than a field.
A building lot in a city
6. That which happens without human design or forethought; chance; accident; hazard; fortune; fate.
7. Anything (as a die, pebble, ball, or slip of paper) used in determining a question by chance, or without human choice or will.
To cast lots;  to draw lots
8. The part, or fate, that falls to one, as it were, by chance, or without his planning.
9. A prize in a lottery.
10. Allotment; lottery.
11. All members of a set; everything.
The table was loaded with food, but by evening there was nothing but crumbs; we had eaten the lot.
If I were in charge, I'd fire the lot of them.
12. An old unit of weight used in many European countries from the Middle Ages, often defined as 1/30 or 1/32 of a (local) pound.
13. To allot; to sort; to apportion.
14. To count or reckon (on or upon).
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English - English - lot Pronunciation
n. object used in making a random decision; act of randomly deciding by casting lots; portion; fate, destiny, fortune; number of connected things or people; type, kind; section of land; film studio; group of items sold as one; large amount
v. divide; allocate
n. Abraham's nephew whose wife was turned into a pillar of salt (Biblical)
English - Spanish - lot Pronunciation
s. parte, lote, porción; montón, cantidad de cosas; lote de terreno, parcela, porción de tierra, predio, solar, destino, sino, suerte
v. repartir, dividir
s. parte, lote, porción; montón, cantidad de cosas; lote de terreno, parcela, porción de tierra, predio, solar, destino, sino, suerte
English - French - lot Pronunciation
n. quantité, sort, tas; lot, destin, hasard, chance; parcelle; terrain; lopin; studio de tournage; type
v. distribuer, disperser, allouer, assigner, réserver
n. Lot, personnage biblique, neveu d'Abraham (Bible)
English - German - lot Pronunciation
n. Los; Filmstudio; Filmgelände; Parzelle; Bauplatz; Parkplatz
v. parzellieren, zuteilen
n. Lot, Neffe Abrahams dessen Frau in eine Salzsäule verwandelt wurde (Altes Testament)
English - Indonesian - lot Pronunciation
n. undi, lotere, nasib, takdir, kapling, bidang, kumpulan, tumpukan, rombongan, kesatuan, banyaknya, pajak, bagian
English - Italian - lot Pronunciation
s. oggetto per tirare a sorte; il tirare a sorte, sorteggio; parte, quota; destino, fato; quantità, gran numero, (fam) mucchio, (fam) sacco; lotto, appezzamento, parcella; (fam) combriccola, compagnia
v. dividere in lotti; lottizzare
s. oggetto per tirare a sorte; il tirare a sorte, sorteggio; parte, quota; destino, fato; quantità, gran numero, (fam) mucchio, (fam) sacco; lotto, appezzamento, parcella; (fam) combriccola, compagnia
English - Polish - lot Pronunciation
n. los, dola, parcela, działka, partia, ilość
v. partia: podzielić na partie, ciągnąć losy
English - Portuguese - lot Pronunciation
s. lote, terreno; parte; destino; fado, sorte, fortuna, ventura; grande porção; tipo; estúdio de filmagem
v. dividir, partilhar
s. Lot (personagem bíblico , sobrinho de Abraão)
English - Romanian - lot Pronunciation
n. sorţi, tragere la sorţi, soartă, destin, scrisă, noroc, sarcină, greu, lot, parcelă, cotă, parte, porţiune
adv. mult, mult: cu mult
English - Russian - lot Pronunciation
с. жребий, масса, судьба, доля, участь, участок земли, партия, партия товара, лот, много, налог, пошлина, территория при киностудии, группа, компания, кучка людей, группа людей
г. дробить на участки, делить части, разбивать на партии, сортировать, рассчитывать, бросать жребий
English - Turkish - lot Pronunciation
f. taksim etmek, bölüştürmek, kura ile paylaştırmak
i. kısmet, kader, nasip, arsa, hisse, çok, bir sürü
English - Ukrainian - lot Pronunciation
n. доля, жереб, ділянка, льос
v. розподіляти, жереб: кидати жереб
adv. значно, набагато
French - English - lot Pronunciation
n. Lot, region in France
German - English - lot Pronunciation
v. divide; allocate
Polish - English - lot
n. flight, fly, lead, speed
Romanian - English - lot
n. lot, group, run
n. batch
Dutch - English - lot Pronunciation
n. lot, allotment, fate, destiny, doom, fortune
English - Dutch - lot Pronunciation
zn. lot; perceel; stel; heel wat; grote hoeveelheid; filmstudio
ww. (ver)kavelen
zn. Lot (figuur uit de bijbel ,neef van abraham)
English - Greek - lot Pronunciation
[Lot] ουσ. λώτ, παρτίδα
French - Spanish - lot Pronunciation
1. (biens) parcela (f); lote (m)
2. (commerce) lote (m); partida (f); grupo (m)
German - Spanish - lot Pronunciation
n. sonda (f), soldadura (f), onza: media onza (f), perpendicular (m), perpendículo (m), plomada (f), bolina (f), escandallo (m), tranquil (m)
French - German - lot Pronunciation
n. partie, gewinn, posten, set, gebinde
French - Italian - lot Pronunciation
1. (biens) lotto (m); parcella (f)
2. (commerce) lotto (m); partita (f)
French - Portuguese - lot Pronunciation
1. (biens) terreno (m); lote (m)
2. (commerce) lote (m); partida (f); remessa (f)
French - Russian - lot Pronunciation
n. выигрыш (в лотерее) (m), доля (m), жребий (перен.) (m), доля (судьба) (m), часть (m), участок (m), надел (m), партия (товара) (m), набор (m), комплект (m), группа (гонщиков) (m)
French - Turkish - lot Pronunciation
[le] pay; ikramiyesi; kısmet, nasip
German - French - lot Pronunciation
n. sonde (f), aplomb (m), fil à plomb (m)
German - Italian - lot Pronunciation
n. perpendicolare (f), briciola (f), appiombo (m), piombo: filo a piombo (m), piombino (m), scandaglio (m), metallo d'apporto (m)
German - Russian - lot Pronunciation
n. лот (n), отвес (n)
German - Turkish - lot Pronunciation
i. düz çizgi (n), diki (n)
Turkish - Russian - lot
n. лот (M)
Dutch - French - lot Pronunciation
1. (algemeen) destin (m); sort (m) 2. (kans) sort (m); courte paille (f)
3. (bezit) propriété foncière 4. (toekomst) destin (m); sort (m); fortune (f); destinée (f)
5. (handel) lot (m)
French - Dutch - lot Pronunciation
1. (biens) perceel (n); stuk grond (m)
2. (commerce) partij (f); lot (n)
German - Dutch - lot Pronunciation
lood ,schietlood
English - Arabic - lot Pronunciation
‏حصة، قسمة، قطعة أرض، نوع سلعة في المزاد، نصيب، قرعة، دفعه مجموعه، قدر قسمه، نتيجة القرعة، قدر، مصير، كلها‏
‏ألقى، سحب قرعة‏
English - Chinese - lot Pronunciation
(名) 运气, 一堆, 签
(动) 划分
English - Chinese - lot Pronunciation
(名) 運氣, 一堆, 簽
(動) 劃分
English - Hindi - lot Pronunciation
n. भाग्य, प्रारब्ध, भाग, तक़दीर, भूभाग, चुनाव, बड़ी मात्रा, बड़ी संख्य, ढेर, बोली के लिए वस्तु
English - Japanese - lot Pronunciation
(動) 区分する; 組に分ける; 割り当てる; くじを引く
(名) たくさん; たいへん; 一山; 全部; 群れ; くじ; 運命; 分け前; 1区画; スタジオ
(名) ロト, 妻が塩の柱に変わったといわれているアブラハムの甥(聖書)
English - Korean - lot Pronunciation
명. 제비; 제비뽑기; 몫; 운명, 운; 사람이나 물건의 한패; 한 구역; 영화 촬영소; 한무더기; 다량
동. 구분하다, 토지 따위를 구분하다, 할당하다
English - Vietnamese - lot Pronunciation
n. điều may rủi, sự rút thăm, phần số, vận mạng, số mạng, phần thuế mỗi người phải chịu, một lô đất, một lô hàng, từng phần, từng lô một, đứa vô loại, rất nhiều
v. chia phần, chia lô, chia ra khoảng đất, chia hàng hóa
adv. nhiều
German - Chinese - lot Pronunciation

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Synonyms for lot
1. group: assortment, bunch, set, batch, crowd, array, cluster
2. fate: fortune, destiny, circumstance, kismet
3. allot: apportion, assign, give, allow, mete
Verb forms for lot
Present participle: lotting
Present: lot (3.person: lots)
Past: lotted
Future: will lot
Present conditional: would lot
Present Perfect: have lotted (3.person: has lotted)
Past Perfect: had lotted
Future Perfect: will have lotted
Past conditional: would have lotted