Definition of lota Pronunciation
1. A spherical pot, specifically a water pot used for washing and ablution, typically made of brass.
2. A person that switches loyalties, especially from one political party to another. This comes from the fact that the "lota" has a tendency to fall over and roll around, as it is not stable sitting on its base.
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Spanish - English - lota Pronunciation
n. burbot
English - Italian - lota Pronunciation
s. boccale d'acqua di bronzo o rame e tipico dell'India
English - Portuguese - lota Pronunciation
s. pequeno recipiente esférico feito de vidro ou cobre; tipo de bacalhau de água doce
English - Russian - lota Pronunciation
с. небольшой медный кувшин
English - Dutch - lota Pronunciation
zn. kleine bolvormige watercontainer van geelkoper of koper gemaakt en in India gebruikt; kwabaal
Spanish - German - lota Pronunciation
n. quappe
Turkish - Turkish - lota
tatlı sularda yaşayan, bir tür gelincik balığı (lota vulgaris).
Turkish - Russian - lota
n. налим (M)
Spanish - Korean - lota Pronunciation
n. 모캐

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