Definition of louvered Pronunciation
1. Supplied with louvers for ventilation.
A louvered door.
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English - English - louvered Pronunciation
adj. covered with louvers, shuttered; arranged in an overlapping manner
English - Spanish - louvered Pronunciation
adj. apersianado, con tablillas o tejadillos
English - French - louvered Pronunciation
adj. à persiennes; muni de volets; fermé, verrouillé
English - German - louvered Pronunciation
adj. Dachtürmchen besitzend; Jalousie besitzend
English - Italian - louvered Pronunciation
agg. fornito di stecche (di persiana)
English - Turkish - louvered Pronunciation
panjurlu pencereli
English - Dutch - louvered Pronunciation
bn. Heeft latten (jaloezieën)
English - Chinese - louvered Pronunciation
(形) 有百叶窗的; 有天窗的
English - Chinese - louvered Pronunciation
(形) 有百葉窗的; 有天窗的
English - Japanese - louvered Pronunciation
(形) よろい張りのある

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