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English Spanish To English - luchador 
n. fighter, combatant; wrestler; contestant; fertilizer
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - luchador 
n. 戰士 (zhan4 shı4), 競爭者 (jıng4 zheng1 zhe3), 鬥爭 (dou4 zheng1)
French Spanish To French - luchador 
(deportes - lucha libre - hombre) lutteur (m)
German Spanish To German - luchador 
n. ringer, ringkämpfer, kämpfer, streiter
Korean Spanish To Korean - luchador 
n. 직업 권투 선수, 전투원
Russian Spanish To Russian - luchador 
n. защитник, борец


 Synonyms for luchador
1. contendiente: rival, oponente, contrario, antagonista, adversario, combatiente
2. tenaz: perseverante, firme, batallador, emprendedor, enérgico, trabajador

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