n. crazy or deranged person, insane person; person who is reckless or extremely foolish
adj. crazy, insane; not mentally sound; of or for the insane; foolish, extremely reckless
English - Spanish - lunatic Pronunciation
s. lunático, alienado, alucinado, chalado, demente, locazo, lunática, orate
adj. loco, lunático
English - French - lunatic Pronunciation
n. fou, dément; cinglé; aliéné, personne dérangée
adj. fou, aliéné, lunatique; cinglé; dément
English - German - lunatic Pronunciation
n. Wahnsinnige, Geistesgestörte; Irre; Verrückte
adj. wahnsinnig; verrückt
English - Italian - lunatic Pronunciation
s. pazzo, matto, folle; (fig) lunatico, stravagante; (Dir) persona affetta da infermità mentale
agg. matto, pazzo, folle; dei pazzi; (fig) lunatico, stravagante, strambo
English - Portuguese - lunatic Pronunciation
s. lunático, louco; anormal; alienado
adj. lunático, alienado; louco; de doido
English - Russian - lunatic Pronunciation
с. душевнобольной, помешанный, сумасшедший
прил. сумасшедший, безумный, умалишенный
English - Turkish - lunatic Pronunciation
i. deli, çılgın
s. deli, çılgın, delice
English - Albanian - lunatic Pronunciation
n. çmendur: i çmendur
adj. çmendur: i çmendur
English - Dutch - lunatic Pronunciation
zn. krankzinnige, gek
bn. krankzinnig, knettergek; niet toerekeningsvatbaar
English - Greek - lunatic Pronunciation
ουσ. παραφρονάς
επίθ. ανισόρροπος, θεοπάλαβος, φρενοφλαβής, μουρλός
English - Chinese - lunatic Pronunciation
(名) 疯人, 愚蠢的人, 癫狂者
(形) 疯癫的, 丧心病狂的, 愚蠢的
English - Chinese - lunatic Pronunciation
(名) 瘋人, 愚蠢的人, 癲狂者
(形) 瘋癲的, 喪心病狂的, 愚蠢的
English - Japanese - lunatic Pronunciation
(名) 狂人, 気違い
(形) 狂気の; 気違いじみた
English - Korean - lunatic Pronunciation
명. 미치광이, 정신이상자; 미련퉁이, 괴짜
형. 정신이상의, 미친; 어리석은
noun: an insane person
noun: a reckless impetuous irresponsible person
adjective: insane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon
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Synonyms for lunatic
1. foolish: absurd, idiotic, illogical, irrational, ludicrous, inane, asinine
2. insane: deranged, demented, psychotic, crazy, mad, maniacal, unsound
3. madman: maniac, imbecile, idiot, moron, simpleton
4. eccentric: crank, oddball, neurotic, weirdo