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English English - Definition of lupine 
n. any of a number of leguminous plants which bear tall clusters of flowers in a variety of colors (also lupin)
adj. wild, rapacious; wolf-like
n. lupin, flowering plant
Spanish English To Spanish - lupine 
s. lupino, altramuz (planta)
adj. lupino, salvaje
French English To French - lupine 
n. lupin, plantes herbarcées dont différentes espèces sont cultivées comme fourrage, engrais vert ou plantes ornementales
adj. sauvage, cruel, féroce, rapace; lupoïde, qui a la nature du loup
German English To German - lupine 
n. Lupine (Gewächs)
adj. wölfisch, Wolfs...
Italian English To Italian - lupine 
s. (Bot) lupino
agg. (Zool) lupino; (fig) selvaggio, feroce, lupesco
Portuguese English To Portuguese - lupine 
s. tremoço, tipo de planta
adj. selvagem, referente a lobo
Russian English To Russian - lupine 
с. люпин [бот.]
прил. волчий, зверский
Turkish English To Turkish - lupine 
s. kurt gibi, kurt ile ilgili
English German To English - lupine 
adj. wild, rapacious; wolf-like
English Dutch To English - lupine 
n. lupine, lupin
Albanian English To Albanian - lupine 
adj. ujku, ujk: i ujkut
Dutch English To Dutch - lupine 
zn. lupine (plant)
bn. wolfs-, wild
Greek English To Greek - lupine 
επίθ. άγριος, λυκοειδής
French Dutch To French - lupine 
(plantkunde) lupin (m)
Dutch German To Dutch - lupine 
ChineseS English To ChineseS - lupine 
(名) 白羽扇豆
(形) 狼的; 凶残的; 狼似的; 贪婪的
ChineseT English To ChineseT - lupine 
(名) 白羽扇豆
(形) 狼的; 兇殘的; 狼似的; 貪婪的
Japanese English To Japanese - lupine 
(形) オオカミの; 猛烈な
(名) ハウチワマメ; ルピナスの種子
Korean English To Korean - lupine 
명. 루피너스
형. 이리의, 이리 같은
ChineseS German To ChineseS - lupine 
[die] 羽扇豆。羽扇豆的种子。
French German To French - lupine 
n. lupin (m)
Italian German To Italian - lupine 
n. lupino (m)
Spanish German To Spanish - lupine 
n. altramuz (m), calamocano (m), lupino (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - lupine 
i. acı bakla (f)
noun: any plant of the genus Lupin; bearing erect spikes of usually purplish-blue flowers
adjective: of or relating to or characteristic of wolves


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