Definition of lure Pronunciation
1. Something that tempts or attracts, especially one with a promise of reward or pleasure.
2. An artificial bait attached to a fishing line to attract fish.
3. A bunch of feathers attached to a line, used in falconry to recall the hawk.
4. A velvet smoothing brush.
5. To attract by temptation etc.; to entice.
6. To recall a hawk with a lure.
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English - English - lure Pronunciation
n. something which attracts, enticement; bait used to trap an animal or catch a fish; object of leather and feathers tied to a long line and used to attract a hawk (Falconry)
v. tempt, entice, attract, seduce; recall a hawk by means of a lure (Falconry)
v. burrow, dig a hole or tunnel (in the ground)
English - Spanish - lure Pronunciation
s. atractivo; cebo, cepo
v. atraer con engaño, engañar con el señuelo; tentar
English - French - lure Pronunciation
n. séduction; magie; attraction; appât
v. séduire, charmer, s'attirer; leurrer; appâter; leurrer
English - German - lure Pronunciation
n. Köder, Lockmittel; Federspiel (Falknerei); Lockvogel (Jagd)
v. ködern, (an) locken; anziehen; verführen; verzaubern
English - Italian - lure Pronunciation
s. (Venat) richiamo, esca; logoro; (fig) allettamento, lusinga; attrazione
v. allettare, attirare, attrarre, adescare; trascinare, attirare con lusinghe; (Venat) richiamare con il logoro
English - Portuguese - lure Pronunciation
s. sedução, encanto, atração; isca
v. atrair, seduzir, encantar; chamar de volta um falcão com uma isca
English - Russian - lure Pronunciation
с. соблазн, наживка, прикорм
г. завлекать, соблазнять, искушать, приманивать
English - Turkish - lure Pronunciation
f. cezbetmek, yemlemek, ayartmak
i. yem, tuzak, çığırtkan, cazibe
German - English - lure Pronunciation
n. lur
English - Dutch - lure Pronunciation
zn. verleiding, aantrekking; (lok)aas
ww. (ver)lokken tot, aantrekken
English - Greek - lure Pronunciation
ουσ. δέλεαρ, δόλωμα, έλξη
ρήμ. παρασύρω, δελεάζω
German - Italian - lure Pronunciation
n. lur (m)
English - Chinese - lure Pronunciation
(名) 诱惑物; 魅力; 诱惑力, 吸引力; 诱饵
(动) 引诱, 诱惑; 以诱饵吸引
English - Chinese - lure Pronunciation
(名) 誘惑物; 魅力; 誘惑力, 吸引力; 誘餌
(動) 引誘, 誘惑; 以誘餌吸引
English - Japanese - lure Pronunciation
(動) 誘惑する; ルアーでおびき寄せる
(名) 誘惑するもの, おとり; ルアー, 擬餌
English - Korean - lure Pronunciation
명. 유혹하는 것; 미끼; 올가미
동. 유혹하다, 불러들이다; 미끼로 매를 불러들이다

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Synonyms for lure
1. entice: allure, bait, attract, draw, seduce, tempt, entrap
2. attraction: allurement, enticement, bait, temptation
Verb forms for lure
Present participle: luring
Present: lure (3.person: lures)
Past: lured
Future: will lure
Present conditional: would lure
Present Perfect: have lured (3.person: has lured)
Past Perfect: had lured
Future Perfect: will have lured
Past conditional: would have lured