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English English - Definition of lustre 
n. gloss, shine, sheen; substance which gives a surface a gloss, polish; radiance, brightness; glory, splendor; cut glass ornament on a chandelier; chandelier or other light decorated with cut glass ornaments; synthetic shiny fabric (also luster)
v. coat with a glossy finish, give a sheen to; make lustrous, cause to shine; become lustrous (also luster)
n. luster, glaze, gloss; chandelier
Spanish English To Spanish - lustre 
s. lustre, brillo
v. lustre, barniz; dar brillo; abrillantar
French English To French - lustre 
n. lustre; brillant; finition brillante; plafonnier décoré (appareil d'éclairage suspendu au plafond); enduit (d'étoffe)
v. lustrer, polir; donner de l'éclat; briller
German English To German - lustre 
n. Kronleuchter; Schimmer; Glanz; Glasurglanz
v. glänzend ausfertigen; polieren
Italian English To Italian - lustre 
s. lucido, lucentezza, lucidezza, lustro; luminosità, splendore; gloria; pendaglio di vetro, cristallo; (estens) lampadario
v. (tecn) lustrare, dare il lustro a; (fig) dare lustro a
Portuguese English To Portuguese - lustre 
s. resplendor, brilho; finalização esplêndida; lustre enfeitado; pano brilhoso
v. lustrar; polir; laquear
Russian English To Russian - lustre 
с. блеск, сияние, лоск, глянец, слава, люстра, пятилетие
Turkish English To Turkish - lustre 
i. parlaklık, parıltı, cila, sır, ihtişam, avize
English French To English - lustre 
(m) n. luster, glaze, gloss; chandelier
English Italian To English - lustre 
[lustra] n. den, lair, refuge, asylum, simulation
English Portuguese To English - lustre 
n. chandelier, electrolier, glaze, lustre, luster
English Spanish To English - lustre 
[lustre (m)] n. polish, substance used to shine; gloss
English Dutch To English - lustre 
n. luster
Albanian English To Albanian - lustre 
n. shkëlqim, lustër, famë, lavdi, porcelan
Dutch English To Dutch - lustre 
zn. flits, glans; glanzende nabewerking; versierde kandelaar; glinsterende stof
ww. Glanzend maken, glinsterend maken
Greek English To Greek - lustre 
ουσ. λάμψη, στιλπνότητα, στιλπνότης
Dutch French To Dutch - lustre 
1. (général) glans (m); schittering (f); kroonluchter (m)
2. (éclat) glans (m)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - lustre 
(名) 光彩; 荣耀; 釉; 渴望者
ChineseT English To ChineseT - lustre 
(名) 光彩; 榮耀; 釉; 渴望者
Japanese English To Japanese - lustre 
(名) 光沢; 栄光; 光り; つや出しの材料; 光沢のある織物; 5 年間
(動) つやを出す, 光沢を出す
Korean English To Korean - lustre 
명. 광택, 윤기; 윤기를 내는 재료, 광택제; 밝음; 찬란함; 샹들리에; 샹들리에의 유리장식; 광택이 나는 합성직물
동. 천 따위에 광택을 내다, 또기 따위에 광택을 내다, 빛나다
German French To German - lustre 
n. glanz, kronleuchter, luster, lüster
Italian French To Italian - lustre 
1. (général) lustro (m); lucido (m); lucentezza (f); lampadario (m); lucidezza (f)
2. (éclat) lucentezza (f); lucidezza (f)
Portuguese French To Portuguese - lustre 
1. (général) lustre (m); brilho (m); polimento (m); lustro (m)
2. (éclat) brilho (m)
Russian French To Russian - lustre 
n. лоск (m), глянец (m), блеск (m), люстра (m), подвесной пульт управления (m)
Spanish French To Spanish - lustre 
1. (général) lustre (m); brillo (m); araña (f)
2. (éclat) brillo (m)
Turkish French To Turkish - lustre 
[le] avize; cila; parlatma maddesi
French Portuguese To French - lustre 
(geral) lustre (m)
ChineseT Spanish To ChineseT - lustre 
n. 拋光 (pao1 guang1), 光彩 (guang1 caı3), 鞋油 (xıe2 you2)
French Spanish To French - lustre 
1. (general) lustre (m); poli (m); brillant (m); éclat (m)
2. (adorno) paillette (f)
German Spanish To German - lustre 
n. glanz, politur, ansehen
Korean Spanish To Korean - lustre 
n. 광택, 광휘
Russian Spanish To Russian - lustre 
n. блеск, лоск, великолепие
noun: a surface coating for ceramics or porcelain
noun: a quality that outshines the usual
noun: the visual property of something that shines with reflected light


 Synonyms for lustre
1. radiance: brilliance, luminosity, resplendence, brightness, light
2. gloss: shimmer, glisten, glint, sheen, glaze, glitter, polish
3. distinction: eminence, honour, merit, renown, repute, glory, excellence
4. sconce: chandelier, candelabrum
Tenses for lustre
Present participle: lustring
Present: lustre (3.person: lustres)
Past: lustred
Future: will lustre
Present conditional: would lustre
Present Perfect: have lustred (3.person: has lustred)
Past Perfect: had lustred
Future Perfect: will have lustred
Past conditional: would have lustred

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