English - Definiton of luxury Pronunciation
n. something which is unnecessary and often expensive, something which contributes to one's pleasure or comfort; indulgence in expensive and unnecessary items; costly and magnificent living
adj. of or pertaining to luxury, providing luxury
English - Spanish - luxury Pronunciation
s. lujo, suntuosidad
adj. de lujo; prestigioso
English - French - luxury Pronunciation
n. luxe; vie de luxe; vie oisive, vie de plaisir, vie confortable
adj. luxueux, relatif au luxe, de luxe, précieux
English - German - luxury Pronunciation
n. Luxus; Üppigkeit; Luxusartikel; Genußmittel
adj. luxuriös, verschwenderisch; üppig
English - Italian - luxury Pronunciation
s. lusso; sfarzo, sontuosità
agg. (fam) di lusso, lussuoso
English - Portuguese - luxury Pronunciation
s. luxo; vida luxuosa; prazer, deleite
adj. luxuoso, de luxo
English - Russian - luxury Pronunciation
с. роскошь, большое удовольствие; наслаждение, излишество
English - Turkish - luxury Pronunciation
i. lüks, zevk, şatafat
English - Albanian - luxury Pronunciation
n. salltanet, luks, artikull luksi, qejf
English - Dutch - luxury Pronunciation
zn. luxe, weelde
bn. luxueus, weelderig
English - Greek - luxury Pronunciation
ουσ. πολυτέλεια, χλιδή
English - Chinese - luxury Pronunciation
(名) 奢侈, 豪华
(形) 奢侈的, 豪华的
English - Chinese - luxury Pronunciation
(名) 奢侈, 豪華
(形) 奢侈的, 豪華的
English - Japanese - luxury Pronunciation
(形) ぜいたくな; 高級…
(名) 贅沢; 嗜好品; 楽しみ
English - Korean - luxury Pronunciation
명. 사치, 호사; 비싸고 꼭필요하지 않는 물건에의 탐닉; 사치스럽고 호화스러운 생활
형. 호화로운
noun: something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity
noun: wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living
noun: the quality possessed by something that is excessively expensive

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Synonyms for luxury
1. opulence: affluence, richness, comfort
2. extravagance: indulgence, comfort, amenity, frill, delicacy, superfluity, treat