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English English - Definition of make out 
decipher, understand; write out, fill out; discern, distinguish
Spanish English To Spanish - make out 
descifrar, comprender; extender (un cheque, etc); distinguir, ver
French English To French - make out 
comprendre, décoder; inscrire (un chèque etc'); distinguer, apercevoir
German English To German - make out 
ausstellen, ausfertigen, aufstellen
Italian English To Italian - make out 
compilare, riempire
Portuguese English To Portuguese - make out 
decifrar; comprovar; redigir, escrever (um cheque, etc); perceber
Russian English To Russian - make out 
составлять; разобрать, увидеть, понять, различить, уяснить; давать понять, делать вид; доказывать; справляться, преуспевать, притворяться
Turkish English To Turkish - make out 
farketmek, anlam çıkarmak, çıkarmak, başarmak, idare etmek, geçinmek, ilişki kurmak
Albanian English To Albanian - make out 
v. mbush, plotësoj, nxjerr, tregoj, kuptoj
Dutch English To Dutch - make out 
begrijpen; schrijven (cheque e.d.); zien
Greek English To Greek - make out 
φτιάχνω, ξεχωρίζω
ChineseS English To ChineseS - make out 
书写, 拼凑, 填写
ChineseT English To ChineseT - make out 
書寫, 拼湊, 填寫
Japanese English To Japanese - make out 
見分ける; 理解する; 書き込む; 作成する
Korean English To Korean - make out 
기초하다, 정리하다, 이럭저럭 정리하다, 식별하다, 겨우 식별하다, 이해하다, 납득하다, ...와 같이 말하다, ...와 같이 암시하다, 해나가다, 서로 애무하다
verb: comprehend Example:I cannot make out what this politician is saying.
verb: try to establish
verb: imply or suggest
verb: kiss, embrace, or fondle with sexual passion
verb: come to terms or deal successfully with
verb: proceed or get along
verb: make out and issue
verb: have sexual intercourse with
verb: write all the required information onto a form Example:Make out a form.
verb: detect with the senses Example:I can't make out the faces in this photograph.


 Synonyms for make out
notice: know, note, apprehend, discern, penetrate, behold, sense

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