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English English - Definition of make way 
clear a path; move forward, advance
Spanish English To Spanish - make way 
dejar paso a , abrirle paso a; avanzar
French English To French - make way 
dégager la route; avancer
German English To German - make way 
einen Weg bahnen
Italian English To Italian - make way 
far passare, dare la strada a, fare largo a; fare posto a
Portuguese English To Portuguese - make way 
abrir caminho; progredir
Russian English To Russian - make way 
уступать дорогу
Albanian English To Albanian - make way 
v. jap: i jap rrugë
Dutch English To Dutch - make way 
plaats maken; vooruitgaan
ChineseS English To ChineseS - make way 
成功; 发迹
ChineseT English To ChineseT - make way 
成功; 發跡
Japanese English To Japanese - make way 
道をあける; 進む
Korean English To Korean - make way 
길을 가다, 나아가다


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