Definition of manager Pronunciation
1. A person whose job is to manage something, such as a business, a restaurant, or a sports team.
2. The head coach.
3. An administrator, for a singer or group. rfex
4. A window or application whose purpose is to give the user the control over some aspect of the software.
A file manager; a task manager; Program Manager
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English - English - manager Pronunciation
n. one who manages, director, administrator; supervisor, overseer
n. manager, mgr, director; administrator, overseer, supervisor
n. manager, one who manages, director, administrator
English - Spanish - manager Pronunciation
s. gerente, administrador, director, dirigente, encargado, gestor, intendente, jefe, manager, regente, regidor, subgerente, subjefe; representante, apoderado; entrenador
Spanish - English - manager Pronunciation
n. manager
English - French - manager Pronunciation
n. directeur, gérant; administrateur (biens); chef; personne dirigeante; inspecteur, superviseur, contrôleur, surveillant
English - German - manager Pronunciation
n. Direktor; Kontrolleur, Aufseher
English - Italian - manager Pronunciation
s. dirigente, direttore, amministratore, manager; gerente, gestore; fattore; (fam) maneggiatore; (Dir) curatore fallimentare
English - Portuguese - manager Pronunciation
s. diretor, gerente, administrador; supervisor
English - Russian - manager Pronunciation
с. управляющий, заведующий, руководитель, администратор, директор, менеджер, хозяин, импресарио
English - Turkish - manager Pronunciation
i. idareci, müdür, yönetici, işletmeci, menejer, yönetmen
French - English - manager Pronunciation
v. administer, manage, supervise
German - English - manager Pronunciation
n. one who manages, director, administrator; supervisor, overseer
Italian - English - manager Pronunciation
n. manager, director, administrator
Dutch - English - manager Pronunciation
n. manager
English - Dutch - manager Pronunciation
zn. direkteur; inspekteur; controleur
English - Greek - manager Pronunciation
ουσ. διευθυντής, διαχειριστής
French - Spanish - manager Pronunciation
1. (compagnie - homme) director comercial; gerente (m)
2. (compagnie - femme) directora comercial; gerente (m)
German - Spanish - manager Pronunciation
n. manager (m), apoderado (m), organizador (m), ejecutivo (m), empresario (m), mando (m)
Spanish - German - manager Pronunciation
n. manager
French - German - manager Pronunciation
n. manager
v. managen
French - Italian - manager Pronunciation
1. (compagnie - homme) direttore commerciale; gerente (m)
2. (compagnie - femme) direttrice commerciale; gerente (m)
French - Portuguese - manager Pronunciation
1. (compagnie - homme) gerente (m)
2. (compagnie - femme) gerente (f)
French - Russian - manager Pronunciation
n. менеджер (m), управляющий (m)
v. тренировать, управлять
French - Turkish - manager Pronunciation
[le] menajer
German - French - manager Pronunciation
n. manager (m), imprésario (m), agent (m)
German - Italian - manager Pronunciation
n. impresario (m), manager {sport.} (m), organizzatore (m)
German - Russian - manager Pronunciation
n. менеджер (m), организатор (m), программа-администратор (m), устроитель (m)
German - Turkish - manager Pronunciation
i. menecer (m), yönetici (m)
Italian - French - manager Pronunciation
(compagnia - uomo) directeur (m); administrateur (m)
Italian - German - manager Pronunciation
n. manager
Dutch - French - manager Pronunciation
1. (bedrijf - man) directeur (m); administrateur (m); chef d'entreprise; entrepreneur (m); manager (m)
2. (bedrijf - vrouw) chef d'entreprise; manager (m)
French - Dutch - manager Pronunciation
1. (compagnie - homme) bedrijfsleider (m); manager (m)
2. (compagnie - femme) bedrijfsleidster (f); manager (m)
English - Chinese - manager Pronunciation
(名) 经理; 管理器; 管理人员
English - Chinese - manager Pronunciation
(名) 經理; 管理器; 管理人員
English - Japanese - manager Pronunciation
(名) 支配人; 監督; 主任; マネージャー; やりくりする人; 経営者
English - Korean - manager Pronunciation
명. 경영자, 지도자, 관리자; 감독자, 지배인
German - Chinese - manager Pronunciation

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