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English English - Definition of mandril 
n. spindle used to hold material being machined or milled; shaft on which a working tool is mounted
n. mandrill, large baboon native to western Africa (male of the species has bright blue, purple and red facial markings); arbor
n. broach; mandrel, mandril; reamer; arbor; drift
Spanish English To Spanish - mandril 
s. mandril, prensa de sujeción
French English To French - mandril 
n. mandrin, pièce mécanique fixée au bout d'une machine rotative et qui permet la fixation rapide d'un outil; appareil avec lequel on fixe une pièce à tourner;sorte de poinçon
German English To German - mandril 
n. Spanndorn, Dorn, Achse (Maschinen)
Italian English To Italian - mandril 
s. mandrino, albero principale di una macchina che trasmette il movimento rotatorio al pezzo; utensile per allargare fori e tubi
Portuguese English To Portuguese - mandril 
s. mandril, eixo
Russian English To Russian - mandril 
с. оправка, дорн, бородок, кайла, пробойник, сердечник
Turkish English To Turkish - mandril 
i. mandrel, fener mili, malafa
English Portuguese To English - mandril 
n. broach; mandrel, mandril; reamer; arbor; drift
English Spanish To English - mandril 
n. mandrill, large baboon native to western Africa (male of the species has bright blue, purple and red facial markings); arbor
Albanian English To Albanian - mandril 
n. mandrinë [tek.]
Dutch English To Dutch - mandril 
zn. spin (bij machines)
Greek English To Greek - mandril 
ουσ. άξων, τριβέλι
French Dutch To French - mandril 
(zoölogie) mandrill (m)
ChineseS English To ChineseS - mandril 
(名) 心轴; 芯棒; 紧轴
ChineseT English To ChineseT - mandril 
(名) 心軸; 芯棒; 緊軸
Japanese English To Japanese - mandril 
(名) 心棒; つるはし; 心金
Korean English To Korean - mandril 
명. 곡괭이, 광부의 곡괭이
French Portuguese To French - mandril 
(zoologia) babouin (m); mandrill (m)
French Spanish To French - mandril 
(zoología) babouin (m); mandrill (m)
German Spanish To German - mandril 
n. mandrill, futter, bohrfutter, dorn, mandarin
Korean Spanish To Korean - mandril 
n. 만드릴
German Turkish To German - mandril 
n. Mandrill
Russian Turkish To Russian - mandril 
n. мандрил (M)
noun: any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #70418)


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