Definition of mangrove Pronunciation
1. Any of various tropical evergreen trees or shrubs that grow in shallow coastal water.
2. A habitat with such plants; mangrove forest; mangrove swamp.
3. Plants of the Rhizophoraceae family.
4. Trees of the genus Rhizophora.
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English - English - mangrove Pronunciation
n. tropical evergreen tree or shrub which grows in marshes or along tidal shores
n. mangrove swamp
n. mangrove
English - Spanish - mangrove Pronunciation
s. manglar, mangle (árbol)
English - French - mangrove Pronunciation
n. manglier, palétuvier
English - German - mangrove Pronunciation
n. Mangrovenbaum
English - Indonesian - mangrove Pronunciation
n. bakau
English - Italian - mangrove Pronunciation
s. mangrovia (albero)
English - Polish - mangrove Pronunciation
n. mangrowe, namorzyn
English - Portuguese - mangrove Pronunciation
s. mangue (botânica)
English - Russian - mangrove Pronunciation
с. мангровое дерево [бот.]
English - Turkish - mangrove Pronunciation
i. mangrov
English - Ukrainian - mangrove Pronunciation
n. мангровий: мангрове дерево
French - English - mangrove Pronunciation
(f) n. mangrove swamp
German - English - mangrove Pronunciation
n. mangrove
Dutch - English - mangrove Pronunciation
n. mangrove
English - Dutch - mangrove Pronunciation
zn. wortelboom
English - Greek - mangrove Pronunciation
(Lex**) μαγγρόβιο
German - Spanish - mangrove Pronunciation
n. mangle (m), rizófora (f)
French - German - mangrove Pronunciation
n. mangrove
German - French - mangrove Pronunciation
n. mangrove (f)
German - Italian - mangrove Pronunciation
n. mangrovia (f)
Dutch - French - mangrove Pronunciation
(plantkunde - boom) palétuvier (m); manglier (m)
English - Arabic - mangrove Pronunciation
‏شجر إستوائي‏
‏المنغروف شجر‏
English - Chinese - mangrove Pronunciation
(名) 红树林
English - Chinese - mangrove Pronunciation
(名) 紅樹林
English - Japanese - mangrove Pronunciation
(名) ヤエヤマヒルギ; ヒルギダマシ
English - Korean - mangrove Pronunciation
명. 맹그로브
English - Vietnamese - mangrove Pronunciation
n. thứ vỏ cây dùng trong y học

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