Spanish - English - manto Pronunciation
n. cloak, mantle
Italian - English - manto Pronunciation
n. cloak, mantle
Portuguese - English - manto Pronunciation
(m) n. mantle, cloak; pretense; robe, tunic; screen, veil
Turkish - English - manto Pronunciation
[Manto] n. cloak, mantle
n. cloak, mantle
n. hand, part of the body at the end of the arm; pointer on a clock; cards dealt to a card player; paw, animal foot; trunk, long nasal appendage on an elephant's face; claw, talon; policy, course or method of action; handling; handball; coat of paint
Spanish - French - manto Pronunciation
(vestuario) cape (f)
Spanish - German - manto Pronunciation
n. mantel, umhang
Spanish - Russian - manto Pronunciation
n. плащ, накидка
Turkish - Turkish - manto Pronunciation
kadın paltosu.
Italian - French - manto Pronunciation
(abbigliamento) cape (f)
Italian - German - manto Pronunciation
n. decke, mantel, deckmantel, kleid, amt
Portuguese - French - manto Pronunciation
1. (geologia) manteau (m)
2. (vestimenta) cape (f)
Turkish - French - manto Pronunciation
manteau [le]
Turkish - German - manto Pronunciation
der Damenmantel
Turkish - Russian - manto Pronunciation
n. манто (N), пальто (N)
Spanish - Chinese - manto Pronunciation
n. 短外套 (duan3 waı4 tao4)
Spanish - Korean - manto Pronunciation
n. 망토

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Synonyms for manto
1. veta: capa, estrato, tonga, tongada, faja, franja
2. túnica: clámide, manteo, veste, toga