n. identifying mark; mark or pattern of marks (on an animal); act of making marks
English - Spanish - marking Pronunciation
s. marca; marcaje; calificación, nota
English - French - marking Pronunciation
n. signe; indication; marque
English - German - marking Pronunciation
[mark] v. markieren, notieren; registrieren; zur Kenntnis nehmen
n. Markierung, Kennzeichen, Zeichnung; Benotung, Zensierung
English - Italian - marking Pronunciation
s. marcatura, segnatura; segno, contrassegno, marchio; motivo, disegno; (Econ) quotazione
English - Portuguese - marking Pronunciation
s. sinal, sinalização, marca
English - Russian - marking Pronunciation
с. клеймение, маркировка, разметка, метка, расцветка
English - Turkish - marking Pronunciation
i. işaretleme, işaretler
English - Albanian - marking Pronunciation
n. ngjyra, shenjë, gjurmë
English - Dutch - marking Pronunciation
zn. teken, kenteken
English - Greek - marking Pronunciation
ουσ. βαθμολογία, βαθμολόγηση
English - Chinese - marking Pronunciation
(名) 做记号; 标志; 打分; 印记
English - Chinese - marking Pronunciation
(名) 做記號; 標誌; 打分; 印記
English - Japanese - marking Pronunciation
(名) 印を付けること; 採点; 印; 斑点
(動) マークする; 印を付ける; 汚す; 跡が付く; 記入する; 採点する
English - Korean - marking Pronunciation
명. 점수확인; 얼룩무늬 (동물의); 표지를 붙이기
noun: the act of making a visible mark on a surface
noun: evaluation of performance by assigning a grade or score
noun: a pattern of marks
noun: a distinguishing symbol
name: A surname (very rare: popularity rank in the U.S.: #46418).

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Synonyms for marking
1. imprinting: blazing
2. designating: distinguishing, specifying, naming