n. institution of being wed, wedlock; wedding ceremony, ceremony in which a man and woman are legally joined together; pairing, coupling; joining together of two parties
English - Spanish - marriage Pronunciation
s. matrimonio, boda, casamiento, connubio, desposorio, himeneo, nupcias
English - French - marriage Pronunciation
n. mariage, noces; cérémonie nuptiale; accouplement
English - German - marriage Pronunciation
n. Heirat; Heiratszeremonie
English - Italian - marriage Pronunciation
s. matrimonio; stato coniugale; vincolo coniugale; nozze, sposalizio; cerimonia nuziale; (fig) fusione, unione, connubio; re e regina dello stesso seme
English - Portuguese - marriage Pronunciation
s. casamento, matrimônio, boda, núpcias
English - Russian - marriage Pronunciation
с. брак, замужество, женитьба, свадьба, тесное единение, тесный союз, стыковка ступеней ракеты, соединение, марьяж
English - Turkish - marriage Pronunciation
i. evlilik, evlenme, nikâh
s. evlilik
English - Albanian - marriage Pronunciation
n. martesë, jetë martesoe, dasmë, bashkim i ngushtë
English - Dutch - marriage Pronunciation
zn. huwelijk, echt, echtverbintenis
English - Greek - marriage Pronunciation
ουσ. γάμος, παντρεία
English - Chinese - marriage Pronunciation
(名) 结婚; 婚姻生活; 婚姻
English - Chinese - marriage Pronunciation
(名) 結婚; 婚姻生活; 婚姻
English - Japanese - marriage Pronunciation
(名) 結婚; 結婚生活; 結婚式
English - Korean - marriage Pronunciation
명. 결혼, 혼인; 결혼식; 부부되기
noun: the act of marrying; the nuptial ceremony Example:Their marriage was conducted in the chapel.
noun: two people who are married to each other Example:His second marriage was happier than the first.
noun: the state of being a married couple voluntarily joined for life (or until divorce) Example:A long and happy marriage.
noun: a close and intimate union Example:The marriage of music and dance.
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Synonyms for marriage
1. wedding: nuptials, ceremony, espousal, sacrament
2. matrimony: wedlock, union, go-between, match