Definition of marriage Pronunciation
1. The state of being married.
You should enter marriage for love.
2. A union of two or more people that creates a family tie and carries legal and/or social rights and responsibilities.
1. Often specifically The union of any two people, to the exclusion of all others.
My grandparents' marriage lasted for forty years.
Pat and Leslie's marriage to each other lasted forty years.
2. Sometimes specifically The union of one man and one woman, to the exclusion of all others.
3. A wedding; a ceremony in which people wed.
You are cordially invited to the marriage of James Smith and Jane Doe.
4. A close union.
5. A joining of two parts.
6. A king and a queen, when held as a hand in Texas hold 'em or melded in pinochle.
7. In solitaire or patience games, the placing a card of the same suit on the next one above or below it in value.
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English - English - marriage Pronunciation
n. institution of being wed, wedlock; wedding ceremony, ceremony in which a man and woman are legally joined together; pairing, coupling; joining together of two parties
English - Spanish - marriage Pronunciation
s. matrimonio, boda, casamiento, connubio, desposorio, himeneo, nupcias
English - French - marriage Pronunciation
n. mariage, noces; cérémonie nuptiale; accouplement
English - German - marriage Pronunciation
n. Heirat; Heiratszeremonie
English - Indonesian - marriage Pronunciation
n. perkawinan, pernikahan, upacara nikah, nikah, penggabungan
English - Italian - marriage Pronunciation
s. matrimonio; stato coniugale; vincolo coniugale; nozze, sposalizio; cerimonia nuziale; (fig) fusione, unione, connubio; re e regina dello stesso seme
English - Polish - marriage Pronunciation
n. małżeństwo, ślub, żeniaczka, ożenek, zamążpójście, połączenie, mariasz {karc.}
a. ślubny
English - Portuguese - marriage Pronunciation
s. casamento, matrimônio, boda, núpcias
English - Romanian - marriage Pronunciation
n. căsătorie, mariaj, unire conjugală, căsnicie, îmbinare, legătură
English - Russian - marriage Pronunciation
с. брак, замужество, женитьба, свадьба, тесное единение, тесный союз, стыковка ступеней ракеты, соединение, марьяж
English - Turkish - marriage Pronunciation
i. evlilik, evlenme, nikâh
s. evlilik
English - Ukrainian - marriage Pronunciation
n. шлюб, одруження, весілля, мар'яж
a. шлюбний
English - Dutch - marriage Pronunciation
zn. huwelijk, echt, echtverbintenis
English - Greek - marriage Pronunciation
ουσ. γάμος, παντρεία
English - Arabic - marriage Pronunciation
‏زواج، عرس، زفاف، قران، نكاح‏
English - Chinese - marriage Pronunciation
(名) 结婚; 婚姻生活; 婚姻
English - Chinese - marriage Pronunciation
(名) 結婚; 婚姻生活; 婚姻
English - Hindi - marriage Pronunciation
n. शादी, ब्याह, विवाह, विवाहित जीवन
English - Japanese - marriage Pronunciation
(名) 結婚; 結婚生活; 結婚式
English - Korean - marriage Pronunciation
명. 결혼, 혼인; 결혼식; 부부되기
English - Vietnamese - marriage Pronunciation
n. sự cưới, hôn nhân, hôn lể, lể cưới, kết hôn, sự phối hợp

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Synonyms for marriage
1. wedding: nuptials, ceremony, espousal, sacrament
2. matrimony: wedlock, union, go-between, match