Definition of masticator Pronunciation
1. Someone who masticates.
2. A machine for cutting meat into fine pieces for toothless people.
3. A machine for cutting leather, India rubber, or similar tough substances, into fine pieces, in some processes of manufacture.
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English - English - masticator Pronunciation
n. person or device that reduces material to pulp by crushing or kneading
English - Spanish - masticator Pronunciation
s. masticador
English - French - masticator Pronunciation
n. masticateur, appareil qui réduit un matériel en l'écrasant ou en le malaxant
English - German - masticator Pronunciation
n. Knetmaschine, Küchenmühle (z.B. für Fleisch)
English - Italian - masticator Pronunciation
s. masticatore
English - Portuguese - masticator Pronunciation
s. mastigador, triturador
English - Russian - masticator Pronunciation
с. мастикатор [тех.], месилка
English - Turkish - masticator Pronunciation
i. çiğneyen
English - Dutch - masticator Pronunciation
zn. kauwer, vleesmolen
English - Chinese - masticator Pronunciation
(名) 咀嚼者; 割碎机的操作者; 割碎机
English - Chinese - masticator Pronunciation
(名) 咀嚼者; 割碎機的操作者; 割碎機
English - Japanese - masticator Pronunciation
(名) 咀嚼する人; 粉砕機
English - Korean - masticator Pronunciation
명. 씹는 사람, 씹는 물건

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