Definition of mausoleum Pronunciation
1. A large stately tomb or a building housing such a tomb or several tombs.
2. A gloomy, usually large room or building.
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English - English - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. large and imposing tomb; tomb of Mausolus (ancient Greek king of Caria)
n. mausoleum, large and imposing tomb; tomb of Mausolus
n. mausoleum
English - Spanish - mausoleum Pronunciation
s. mausoleo, mauseolo
English - French - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. mausolée
English - German - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. luxuriöses Grab, Mausoleum
English - Indonesian - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. kuburan yg besar dan indah, makam yg besar dan indah
English - Italian - mausoleum Pronunciation
s. mausoleo
English - Polish - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. mauzoleum
English - Portuguese - mausoleum Pronunciation
s. mausoléu, construção suntuosa que serve de sepultura
English - Romanian - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. mausoleu
English - Russian - mausoleum Pronunciation
с. мавзолей
English - Turkish - mausoleum Pronunciation
i. türbe, anıtkabir, mozole, anıt mezar
English - Ukrainian - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. мавзолей
German - English - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. large and imposing tomb; tomb of Mausolus (ancient Greek king of Caria)
Dutch - English - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. mausoleum
English - Dutch - mausoleum Pronunciation
zn. mausoleum, praalgraf
English - Greek - mausoleum Pronunciation
ουσ. μαυσωλείο
German - Spanish - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. mausoleo (m)
German - French - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. mausolée (m)
German - Italian - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. mausoleo (m)
German - Russian - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. мавзолей (n)
German - Turkish - mausoleum Pronunciation
i. mozole (n)
Dutch - French - mausoleum Pronunciation
(graf) mausolée (m)
English - Arabic - mausoleum Pronunciation
‏ضريح، قبر فخم، بناية ضخمة مظلمة‏
English - Chinese - mausoleum Pronunciation
(名) 壮丽的坟墓, 阴森森的大厦, 陵墓
English - Chinese - mausoleum Pronunciation
(名) 壯麗的墳墓, 陰森森的大廈, 陵墓
English - Hindi - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. मक़बरा, समाधि, कब्र
English - Japanese - mausoleum Pronunciation
(名) 広大壮麗な墓; マウソロスの霊廟; 陰気な大きな建物
English - Korean - mausoleum Pronunciation
명. 대영묘, 웅장한 무덤
English - Vietnamese - mausoleum Pronunciation
n. lăng tẩm
German - Chinese - mausoleum Pronunciation
[das] pl.Mausoleen 陵墓。阴森森的大厦。

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Synonyms for mausoleum
burial: vault, grave, sepulchre, mound, tomb, barrow