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English English - Definition of mensa 
n. flat slab forming the top of the altar in the Roman Catholic church, altar slab, altar stone
n. constellation in the southern hemisphere; international society founded in 1946 for people whose IQ is in the top 2% of the population
n. cafeteria, canteen, public dining room
Spanish English To Spanish - mensa 
s. Cafetería de estudiantes; mesa; Madera de altar (en la Iglesia); Menza
s. constelación en el hemisferio sur, "La Mesa"; sociedad internacional fundada en 1946 en Britania por personas con IQ elevado (el 2% superior de la población)
French English To French - mensa 
n. restaurant pour étudiants; table; purification (à l'église )
n. la Table (Mensa), constellation de l'hémisphère sud peu lumineuse; Mensa, organisation internationale fondée en 1946 et dont le critère d'admission est d'obtenir un QI égal à 98%
German English To German - mensa 
n. Studentenspeiseraum; Platte des Altars
n. Mensa, Sternenkonstellation der südlichen Hemisphäre; internationale Gesellschaft 1946 gegründet für zwei Prozent der Bevölkerung mit den höchsten IQ
Italian English To Italian - mensa 
s. altare, lastra di marmo che forma la parte superiore dell'altare in una chiesa
Portuguese English To Portuguese - mensa 
s. mesa, altar
s. Mensa, constelação no hemisfério sul; sociedade internacional fundada em 1946
Russian English To Russian - mensa 
столовая гора
English German To English - mensa 
n. flat slab forming the top of the altar in the Roman Catholic church, altar slab, altar stone
English Italian To English - mensa 
n. table; canteen, mess, refectory, cookhouse; cafeteria
English Spanish To English - mensa 
[menso] adj. stupid, lacking the ability to learn quickly, slow-witted (Latin America)
French Dutch To French - mensa 
(scholen - universiteiten) réfectoire (m)
Dutch German To Dutch - mensa 
ChineseS English To ChineseS - mensa 
(名) 圣坛石顶板; 门撒国际
ChineseT English To ChineseT - mensa 
(名) 聖壇石頂板; 門撒國際
Japanese English To Japanese - mensa 
(名) 祭台; テーブル山座
Korean English To Korean - mensa 
멘사(Mensa)는 지능 지수가 높은 사람의 모임이다.
ChineseS German To ChineseS - mensa 
[die] pl.Mensen 大学生食堂。祭坛案桌。
French German To French - mensa 
n. restaurant universitaire (m)
Russian German To Russian - mensa 
n. столовая (f), кафетерий (f)
Spanish German To Spanish - mensa 
n. comedor universitario (m)
Turkish German To Turkish - mensa 
i. üniversite kantini (f)
French Italian To French - mensa 
(generale) cantine (f)
German Italian To German - mensa 
n. tafel, kantine, tisch, mahl, essen


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