Definition of meteorite Pronunciation
1. A metallic or stony object or body that is the remains of a meteor
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English - English - meteorite Pronunciation
n. mass of stone or metal that falls to earth; fallen meteoroid
n. meteorite, mass of stone or metal that falls to earth, fallen meteoroid
n. meteorite, fallen meteoroid
English - Spanish - meteorite Pronunciation
s. meteorito, aerolito, bólido
English - French - meteorite Pronunciation
n. météorite; fragment de corps céleste qui traverse l'atmosphère
English - German - meteorite Pronunciation
n. Meteorit
English - Italian - meteorite Pronunciation
s. (Astr) meteorite
English - Portuguese - meteorite Pronunciation
s. meteorito
English - Russian - meteorite Pronunciation
с. метеорит
English - Turkish - meteorite Pronunciation
i. göktaşı (düşen), göktaşı, yere düşen meteor
Italian - English - meteorite Pronunciation
n. meteorite, fallen meteoroid
Portuguese - English - meteorite Pronunciation
n. thunderbolt
English - Dutch - meteorite Pronunciation
zn. meteoriet, meteoorsteen
English - Greek - meteorite Pronunciation
ουσ. μετωρίτης, μετεωρίτης λίθος, μετεωρόλιθος, αερόλιθος
Italian - French - meteorite Pronunciation
(astronomia) météorite (f)
Italian - German - meteorite Pronunciation
n. meteorit, meteorstein
English - Chinese - meteorite Pronunciation
(名) 陨星
English - Chinese - meteorite Pronunciation
(名) 隕星
English - Japanese - meteorite Pronunciation
(名) 隕石; 流星体
English - Korean - meteorite Pronunciation
명. 운석; 유성

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