Definition of micturate Pronunciation
1. To urinate.
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English - English - micturate Pronunciation
v. urinate, pass urine
English - Spanish - micturate Pronunciation
v. Orinar
English - French - micturate Pronunciation
v. uriner
English - German - micturate Pronunciation
v. urinieren
English - Italian - micturate Pronunciation
v. urinare
English - Portuguese - micturate Pronunciation
v. micturar, urinar
English - Russian - micturate Pronunciation
(v) мочиться
English - Turkish - micturate Pronunciation
f. işemek, su dökmek
English - Ukrainian - micturate Pronunciation
v. мочитися
English - Arabic - micturate Pronunciation
English - Chinese - micturate Pronunciation
v. 排尿 (paı2 nıao4)
English - Chinese - micturate Pronunciation
v. 排尿 (paı2 nıao4)
English - Japanese - micturate Pronunciation
(動) 排尿する

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Verb forms for micturate
Present participle: micturating
Present: micturate (3.person: micturates)
Past: micturated
Future: will micturate
Present conditional: would micturate
Present Perfect: have micturated (3.person: has micturated)
Past Perfect: had micturated
Future Perfect: will have micturated
Past conditional: would have micturated