Definition of mimic Pronunciation
1. To imitate, especially in order to ridicule.
2. To take on the appearance of another, for protection or camouflage.
3. A person who practices mimicry, or mime.
4. An imitation.
5. Pertaining to mimicry; imitative.
6. Mock, pretended.
7. Imitative; characterized by resemblance to other forms; applied to crystals which by twinning resemble simple forms of a higher grade of symmetry.
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English - English - mimic Pronunciation
n. pantomimist; one who is clever at imitation
v. imitate, copy or resemble closely; imitate in an offensive manner, ape
adj. imitative, simulated; being a reproduction; of the nature of mimicry
English - Spanish - mimic Pronunciation
s. mímica, mimo, pantomima; remedador
v. hacer mímicas, hacer caras; imitar, parodiar, remedar
adj. mímico
English - French - mimic Pronunciation
n. imitateur
v. mimer; imiter, recopier; singer; contrefaire
adj. mimique, imitateur; mimétique, singeur, dissimulateur
English - German - mimic Pronunciation
n. Mimik
v. pantomimisch darstellen
adj. mimisch, scheinbar, imaginär; getarnt
English - Italian - mimic Pronunciation
s. imitatore; mimo; (Zool) animale mimetico
v. imitare, copiare; scimmiottare, contraffare; (Biol) mimetizzarsi
agg. finto, simulato; imitativo; mimico
English - Portuguese - mimic Pronunciation
s. mímico, imitador
v. imitar
adj. imitável, aparente, imaginário; disfarce
English - Russian - mimic Pronunciation
с. мим, имитатор, подражатель
г. передразнивать, обезьянничать, пародировать, подражать, имитировать, принимать защитную окраску
прил. подражательный, ненастоящий, переимчивый
English - Turkish - mimic Pronunciation
f. taklit etmek, taklidini yapmak, benzemek
i. taklitçi, taklit
s. taklit eden, pandomimaya değin
English - Dutch - mimic Pronunciation
zn. na-aper
ww. nabootsen, nadoen; na-apen
bn. mimisch, nabootsend; nagebootst; geveinsd, schijn, onecht
English - Greek - mimic Pronunciation
ουσ. μίμος
ρήμ. διακωμωδώ, μιμούμαι
επίθ. μιμικύς
English - Chinese - mimic Pronunciation
(名) 效颦者; 小丑; 模仿者
(动) 模仿; 摹拟
(形) 模仿的; 拟态的; 假装的
English - Chinese - mimic Pronunciation
(名) 效顰者; 小丑; 模仿者
(動) 模仿; 摹擬
(形) 模仿的; 擬態的; 假裝的
English - Japanese - mimic Pronunciation
(名) 物真似師
(形) 物真似の; 模擬の
(動) 真似をする, 真似る, 模造する; 似る
English - Korean - mimic Pronunciation
명. 모방자, 흉내내는 사람
동. 흉내내다
형. 흉내를 잘 내는; 모방되는; 흉내의, 모방의

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Synonyms for mimic
mime: copy, exaggerate, imitate, parody, impersonate, pantomime, ape
Verb forms for mimic
Present participle: mimicking
Present: mimic (3.person: mimics)
Past: mimicked
Future: will mimic
Present conditional: would mimic
Present Perfect: have mimicked (3.person: has mimicked)
Past Perfect: had mimicked
Future Perfect: will have mimicked
Past conditional: would have mimicked