Definition of misconception Pronunciation
1. A mistaken belief, a wrong idea
There are several common misconceptions about the theory of relativity.
You're obviously under the misconception that I care about your problems.
He thought that a misconception meant becoming pregnant with a girl.
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English - English - misconception Pronunciation
n. incorrect idea, mistaken belief, misunderstanding, misinterpretation
English - Spanish - misconception Pronunciation
s. equivocación, concepto equivocado, concepto erróneo, error conceptual, imprecisión, incomprensión, interpretación equívoca, interpretación equivocada, interpretación errónea, mala interpretación
English - French - misconception Pronunciation
n. perception fausse, idée fausse, opinion fausse, malentendu
English - German - misconception Pronunciation
n. falsche Vorstellung
English - Indonesian - misconception Pronunciation
n. kesalahpahaman, salah pengertian, salah paham
English - Italian - misconception Pronunciation
s. concezione erronea, idea sbagliata; equivoco, malinteso
English - Polish - misconception Pronunciation
n. nieporozumienie, błąd, przesąd
English - Portuguese - misconception Pronunciation
s. concepção errada, conceito errado, opinião errada, idéia errada
English - Romanian - misconception Pronunciation
n. neînţelegere, înţelegere greşită
English - Russian - misconception Pronunciation
с. неправильное представление, недоразумение
English - Turkish - misconception Pronunciation
i. yanlış kavrama, yanlış kanı
English - Ukrainian - misconception Pronunciation
n. непорозуміння, уявлення: неправильне уявлення, недомисел
English - Dutch - misconception Pronunciation
zn. foute opvatting, verkeerd opvatting
English - Greek - misconception Pronunciation
ουσ. παρανόηση, εσφαλμένη αντίληψη, παρεξήγηση
English - Arabic - misconception Pronunciation
‏خطأ، فكرة خاطئة، سوء فهم‏
English - Chinese - misconception Pronunciation
(名) 误解
English - Chinese - misconception Pronunciation
(名) 誤解
English - Hindi - misconception Pronunciation
n. ग़लतफ़हमी, मिथ्या बुद्धि, भ्रम, वहम
English - Japanese - misconception Pronunciation
(名) 誤解; 見当違い
English - Korean - misconception Pronunciation
명. 오해, 틀린생가
English - Vietnamese - misconception Pronunciation
n. sự hiểu lầm, ngộ nhận

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Synonyms for misconception
misunderstanding: misapprehension, aberration, mistake, delusion, misinterpretation, perplexity, bewilderment