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Spanish English To Spanish - misdemeanour 
s. falta (f), ofensa (f), delito (m), delito de menor cuantía (m)
French English To French - misdemeanour 
n. acte délictueux, délit contraventionnel; écart de conduite, infraction, délit
German English To German - misdemeanour 
n. betragen : schlechtes betragen (n), benehmen : schlechtes benehmen (n), missetat (f), vergehen (n), verfehlung (f), übertretung (f)
Italian English To Italian - misdemeanour 
s. misfatto, malfatto, trasgressione, violazione, infrazione
Portuguese English To Portuguese - misdemeanour 
s. delinquência (f), delito (m), mau comportamento
Russian English To Russian - misdemeanour 
с. преступление, проступок, судебно наказуемый проступок
Turkish English To Turkish - misdemeanour 
i. suç, kötü davranış
Albanian English To Albanian - misdemeanour 
n. keqbërje, prapësi
Dutch English To Dutch - misdemeanour 
zn. vergrijp, misdrijf, wanbedrijf, wandaad, wangedrag
Greek English To Greek - misdemeanour 
ουσ. κακή διαγωγή, πταίσμα, πλημμέλημα
ChineseS English To ChineseS - misdemeanour 
v. 轻罪 (qıng1 zuı4), 罪行 (zuı4 xıng2)
ChineseT English To ChineseT - misdemeanour 
v. 輕罪 (qıng1 zuı4), 罪行 (zuı4 xıng2)
Japanese English To Japanese - misdemeanour 
(名) 微罪
Korean English To Korean - misdemeanour 
명. 경범죄
noun: a crime less serious than a felony


 Synonyms for misdemeanour
transgression: insult, crime, malfeasance, affront, fault, offence, felony

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