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English English - Definition of misdoer 
n. person who does things incorrectly; person who misbehaves; sinner
Spanish English To Spanish - misdoer 
s. Que hace mal, Se comporta de mala manera ; Pecador
French English To French - misdoer 
n. se comportant étrangement, se conduisant pas comme il faut; fautif
German English To German - misdoer 
n. Missetäter, Verbrecher
Italian English To Italian - misdoer 
s. che agisce contro le leggi; che si comporta contro le disposizioni
Portuguese English To Portuguese - misdoer 
s. aquele que faz ou executa erradamente; aquele que se comporta impropriamente; pecador
Russian English To Russian - misdoer 
Turkish English To Turkish - misdoer 
i. kötülük yapan kimse
Dutch English To Dutch - misdoer 
zn. iets verkeerd doen; zich niet goed gedragen; zondigen
Greek English To Greek - misdoer 
ουσ. κακοποιός
ChineseS English To ChineseS - misdoer 
(名) 做坏事者; 行为不轨者
ChineseT English To ChineseT - misdoer 
(名) 做壞事者; 行為不軌者
Japanese English To Japanese - misdoer 
(名) 罪人; 違反者
verb: do wrongly or improperly Example:Misdo one's job.


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