Definition of misfortune Pronunciation
1. Bad luck
The worst tour I have ever had the misfortune to experience.
It was my fortune, or misfortune, to be called to the office of Chief Executive without any previous political training. - Ulysses S. Grant
2. An undesirable event such as an accident
She had to come to terms with a number of misfortunes.
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English - English - misfortune Pronunciation
n. bad luck, tragedy, hardship, disaster, adversity
English - Spanish - misfortune Pronunciation
s. desgracia, accidente, adversidad, calamidad, desaguisado, desaventura, descalabro, desdicha, desventura, fatalidad, infortunio, mal, mala suerte, malandanza, malaventura, malaventuranza, tragedia
English - French - misfortune Pronunciation
n. infortune, malheur
English - German - misfortune Pronunciation
n. Mißgeschick, Katastrophe, Unglück
English - Italian - misfortune Pronunciation
s. sfortuna, sventura, disgrazia
English - Portuguese - misfortune Pronunciation
s. falta de sorte, azar, desgraça
English - Russian - misfortune Pronunciation
с. беда, несчастье, неудача, злоключение
English - Turkish - misfortune Pronunciation
i. aksilik, tâlihsizlik, belâ, şanssızlık, terslik, felâket, kaza
English - Dutch - misfortune Pronunciation
zn. ongeluk; slecht geluk; ramp; rampzaligheid
English - Greek - misfortune Pronunciation
ουσ. δυστυχία, δυστήχημα, δυστύχημα, ατυχία, πάθημα, ατύχημα
English - Chinese - misfortune Pronunciation
(名) 不幸, 坏运气, 灾祸
English - Chinese - misfortune Pronunciation
(名) 不幸, 壞運氣, 災禍
English - Japanese - misfortune Pronunciation
(名) 不運; 災い, 災難
English - Korean - misfortune Pronunciation
명. 불운, 불행, 액, 비운

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Synonyms for misfortune
1. misadventure: bad luck, mischance
2. disaster: accident, adversity, dole, affliction, tragedy, blow