Definitions and translations for "mix"

Definition of mix

1. To stir two or more substances together.
Mix the eggs and milk with the flour until the consistency is smooth.
2. To combine items from two or more sources normally kept separate.
To mix business with pleasure
Don't mix the meat recipes with the dairy recipes.
3. To form by mingling; to produce by the stirring together of ingredients; to compound of different parts.
4. To use a mixer machine on.
Mix the egg whites until they are stiff.
5. To combine several tracks.
I'll mix the rhythm tracks down to a single track.
6. To produce a finished version of a recording.
I'm almost done mixing this song.
7. To unite with in company; to join; to associate.
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English - English - mix

n. mixture, blend; act of mixing; aggregate; mergence; pre-blended ingredients to which usually only a liquid must be added to acquire the desired result (bread, cake, etc.)
v. blend substances together; combine elements or activities that are not usually combinable; intermingle; dilute; merge; be blended; associate, socialize; producing music by combining separate tracks of recorded music (Music)
n. mix, mixture, blend

English - Spanish - mix

s. mezcla
v. mezclar, alear, aliar, amalgamar, combinar, entremezclar, entreverar, inmiscuir, ligar, mazar; mezclarse

English - French - mix

n. mélange; mixture; préparation; amalgame; mortier
v. mêler, mélanger; se mêler, se mélanger; verser; s'amalgamer; s'accorder, s'associer à

English - German - mix

n. Mischung
v. mischen, vermengen; verrühren; verbinden; durcheinander bringen; sich gesellen (mit anderen)

English - Indonesian - mix

n. adonan, campuran
v. mencampurkan, mencampur, mempercampurkan, mencampuri, membaurkan, merampaikan, merencah, mengaduk, mengarih, adonan: membuat adonan, bercampur, bercampur aduk, sejalan: dpt sejalan, bersama-sama: dpt bersama-sama, bergaul: dpt bergaul, mempergauli, mengacaukan, memperkacaukan, mengawinkan silang

English - Italian - mix

s. impasto, amalgama, miscela; preparato
v. mescolare, mischiare, miscelare; unire, combinare; impastare, preparare, amalgamare; (Biol) incrociare, ibridare; (Enol) tagliare

English - Polish - mix

n. mieszanka
v. mieszać, miksować, namieszać, wplatać się, zmieszać, pomieszać, wmieszać się, domieszać się, rozmieszać, wymieszać, przemieszać, zamieszać, preparować, łączyć, połączyć, zlać, zmieszać się, złączyć się, obcować, mięszać, domieszywać się, zlewać

English - Portuguese - mix

s. mistura, mescla
v. misturar, mexer; mesclar; baralhar; confundir; unir; amassar; associar; incorporar

English - Romanian - mix

v. amesteca, malaxa, combina, îmbina, mixa, suprapune

English - Russian - mix

с. смешивание, смесь, смешение, смешиваемость, беспорядок, путаница, неразбериха, наплыв
г. смешивать, мешать, смешиваться, перемешивать; сочетать, сочетаться; общаться; вращаться

English - Turkish - mix

f. karıştırmak, katmak, melezlemek, karışmak, uyuşmak, kaynaşmak
i. karışım, karıştırma, karışma, karışıklık

English - Ukrainian - mix

n. змішування, суміш, безладдя
v. змішувати, з'єднуватися, місити, зілляти, зливати, змішуватися, колотити, мішати, перемішувати, підмішувати, помішати, помішувати, сколихнути

German - English - mix

v. blend substances together; combine elements or activities that are not usually combinable; intermingle; dilute; merge; be blended; associate, socialize; producing music by combining separate tracks of recorded music (Music)

Dutch - English - mix

[mixen] v. mingle, shuffle, mix, blend

English - Dutch - mix

zn. mengsel, mengeling
ww. mixen; vermengen; omgaan met; inschenken; vloeistof gieten in een goedkopere vloeistof (wijn bij water)

English - Greek - mix

ουσ. μείγμα
ρήμ. σμίγω, μιγνύω, ανακατεύω, ανακατώνω, ανακατώνομαι, παρασκευάζω

German - French - mix

n. cocktail (m)

English - Arabic - mix

‏مزيج، خليط الرمل، خليط، تهاجن، تورط، خلط‏
‏خلط، مزج، إمتزج، عاشر، تهاجن، شوش الذهن، تورط‏

English - Chinese - mix

(名) 混合物, 糊涂, 混乱
(动) 使混合, 使结合, 弄混; 相混合, 参与, 交往

English - Chinese - mix

(名) 混合物, 糊塗, 混亂
(動) 使混合, 使結合, 弄混; 相混合, 參與, 交往

English - Hindi - mix

n. मिलावट, मिश्रण, घाल-मेल, उलझन, गड़बड़, घपला, घपलेबाज़ी
v. मिलाना, मिलना, मिश्रित करना, जोड़ना, संयुक्त करना, एक करना, परस्पर संसर्ग करना

English - Japanese - mix

(動) 混ぜる; 薄まる; 合わさる; 混ざり合う; 結合させる; 別々のトラックに録音されたものから曲を作る(音楽)
(名) ミックス, 混合; 混ぜ合わせること; 集合; 合同; 料理の手順として最初に混ぜ合わせること(パンやケーキなど)

English - Korean - mix

명. 혼합; 섞음; 결합; 합병; 원하는 결과를 얻기 위해 첨가되어야만 하는 요소( 케익이나 빵 등에)
동. 섞다; 혼합하다; 섞이다; 희석하다; 합병하다; 혼합되다; 교제하다; 녹음된 음악의 개별 트랙을 조합해서 음악을 만들다(음악)

English - Vietnamese - mix

n. sự trộn lộn, tư tưởng lộn xộn, đầu óc rối xòe, pha, trộn nhiều thứ, trộn lẫn lộn, sự trộn, sự pha trộn, sự hòa lộn
v. trộn lộn, pha lộn, hòa lộn, pha trộn kim thuộc, lộn với việc khác
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Synonyms for mix
1. combine: amalgamate, fuse, admix, blend, merge, commingle, incorporate
2. mixture: concoction
3. fraternise
4. fraternize: hobnob, associate, socialise, socialize, consort, join, mingle
Verb forms for mix
Present participle: mixing
Present: mix (3.person: mixes)
Past: mixed
Future: will mix
Present conditional: would mix
Present Perfect: have mixed (3.person: has mixed)
Past Perfect: had mixed
Future Perfect: will have mixed
Past conditional: would have mixed