Definition of mixed Pronunciation
1. Involving or composed of different races.
Interracial schools.
A mixed neighborhood.
2. Consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds.
An arrangement of assorted spring flowers.
Assorted sizes.
Miscellaneous accessories.
A mixed program of baroque and contemporary music.
A motley crew.
Sundry sciences commonly known as social"- I.A.Richard.
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English - English - mixed Pronunciation
adj. blended, combined; intermingled; varied
English - Spanish - mixed Pronunciation
adj. mixto, diverso, heterogéneo, híbrido, mezclado, misceláneo, variado; surtido, compuesto
English - French - mixed Pronunciation
adj. mêlé, mélangé; mixte; varié
English - German - mixed Pronunciation
[mix] v. mischen, vermengen; verrühren; verbinden; durcheinander bringen; sich gesellen (mit anderen)
adj. gemischt, vermengt; verrührt; verbunden; durcheinander gebracht; sich gesellten (mit anderen)
English - Italian - mixed Pronunciation
agg. misto, di diversa specie; mischiato; assortito; eterogeneo; contrastante, confuso
English - Portuguese - mixed Pronunciation
adj. misturado; misto; ligado
English - Russian - mixed Pronunciation
прил. перемешанный, смешанный, разнородный; для людей обоего пола; одурелый, одурманенный
English - Turkish - mixed Pronunciation
s. karışık, melez, karma, katışık, karışmış
English - Dutch - mixed Pronunciation
bn. gemengd; gemixed; warrig
English - Greek - mixed Pronunciation
επίθ. σύμμικτος, ανομοιογενής, μικτός, συμμιγής, ανάμικτος, ανάκατος, ανάμεικτος
English - Chinese - mixed Pronunciation
(形) 混合的, 弄糊涂的, 形形色色的
English - Chinese - mixed Pronunciation
(形) 混合的, 弄糊塗的, 形形色色的
English - Japanese - mixed Pronunciation
(形) 混ざった; 雑多の; 男女混合の; 共学の
(動) 混ぜる; 薄まる; 合わさる; 混ざり合う; 結合させる; 別々のトラックに録音されたものから曲を作る(音楽)
English - Korean - mixed Pronunciation
형. 혼합된, 조합된; 뒤섞인; 다양한

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Synonyms for mixed
1. confused: disordered, jumbled
2. commingled: combined, united, joined, assimilated
3. various: assorted, miscellaneous, diverse, different