Definition of moronic Pronunciation
1. Having a mental age of between seven and twelve years
2. Behaving in the manner of a moron; idiotic; stupid
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English - English - moronic Pronunciation
adj. mentally deficient, retarded; foolish, stupid, idiotic, imbecilic (Informal)
English - Spanish - moronic Pronunciation
adj. retrasado mental, idiota
English - French - moronic Pronunciation
adj. retardé mentalement, ayant un problème mental; idiot, stupide, imbécile (Informel)
English - German - moronic Pronunciation
adj. geistesschwach, debil
English - Indonesian - moronic Pronunciation
a. pandir, tolol
English - Italian - moronic Pronunciation
agg. (Med) affetto da imbecillità; (fam) deficiente, cretino
English - Polish - moronic Pronunciation
a. kretyński
English - Portuguese - moronic Pronunciation
adj. imbecil, tapado
English - Russian - moronic Pronunciation
идиотский; слабоумный
English - Turkish - moronic Pronunciation
s. geri zekâlı gibi
English - Ukrainian - moronic Pronunciation
a. недоумкуватий, ідіотський
English - Dutch - moronic Pronunciation
bn. zwakzinnig, debiel; van (voor) idioten
English - Greek - moronic Pronunciation
επίθ. βλακώδης, ηλίθιος
English - Arabic - moronic Pronunciation
‏مغفل، غبي‏
English - Chinese - moronic Pronunciation
(形) 低能的; 鲁钝的
English - Chinese - moronic Pronunciation
(形) 低能的; 魯鈍的
English - Japanese - moronic Pronunciation
(形) 低能の
English - Korean - moronic Pronunciation
형. 우둔한, 저능의; 어리석은(구어)

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Synonyms for moronic
foolish: retarded, backward, dull, dim-witted, half-witted, imbecile