Definition of motley Pronunciation
1. A multicolored woolen fabric woven of mixed threads in 14th to 17th century England.
2. A garment made of motley (especially a court jester's costume).
3. A collection containing a variety of sorts of things.
4. Make something more diverse and varied.
5. Make motley; color with different colors.
6. Consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds.
A motley crew.
7. Having sections or patches colored differently and usually brightly.
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English - English - motley Pronunciation
adj. mixed; of great variety; varied in color; made of different colored patches of cloth
English - Spanish - motley Pronunciation
adj. abigarrado, alagartado
English - French - motley Pronunciation
adj. bariolé, tacheté, bigarré; fait de pièces de tissu
English - German - motley Pronunciation
adj. zusammengewürfelt
English - Italian - motley Pronunciation
agg. eterogeneo, disparato, misto, molto vario; variopinto, multicolore, variegato, screziato
English - Portuguese - motley Pronunciation
adj. variado, diversificado, misturado; feito de retalhos (tecido)
English - Russian - motley Pronunciation
прил. разноцветный, пестрый
English - Turkish - motley Pronunciation
s. çeşit çeşit, karışık, rengârenk, renk renk
i. uyumsuz karışım, rengârenk giysi
English - Dutch - motley Pronunciation
bn. bont gekleurd, gemengd, van lappen gemaakt (kleren)
English - Greek - motley Pronunciation
επίθ. ανομοιόμορφος, παρδαλός, ποικίλος
ουσ. ποικιλόχρους
English - Chinese - motley Pronunciation
(形) 杂色的; 斑驳的, 混杂的, 杂多的
English - Chinese - motley Pronunciation
(形) 雜色的; 斑駁的, 混雜的, 雜多的
English - Japanese - motley Pronunciation
(形) 雑多な; まだらな
English - Korean - motley Pronunciation
형. 잡색의

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Synonyms for motley
1. multi-coloured: prismatic, kaleidoscopic, mottled, dappled, varicoloured, variegated
2. heterogeneous: mixed, miscellaneous, assorted, indiscriminate, varied, sundry, various