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English English - Definition of mourn 
v. grieve, be in mourning, feel sorrow for someone's death
Spanish English To Spanish - mourn 
v. llevar luto, acongojarse, querellarse
French English To French - mourn 
v. se désoler, prendre le deuil
German English To German - mourn 
v. (be) trauern
Italian English To Italian - mourn 
v. addolorarsi, affliggersi, rammaricarsi, dolersi; lamentare, deplorare, compiangere; essere in lutto; portare il lutto, vestire a lutto
Portuguese English To Portuguese - mourn 
v. estar de luto
Russian English To Russian - mourn 
г. оплакивать, скорбеть, горевать, сетовать, носить траур
Turkish English To Turkish - mourn 
f. yas tutmak, matem tutmak, ağlamak
Albanian English To Albanian - mourn 
v. qaj, vajtoj, pikëllohem, mbaj zi, rri në trishtim
Dutch English To Dutch - mourn 
ww. treuren
Greek English To Greek - mourn 
ρήμ. πενθώ, θρηνώ
ChineseS English To ChineseS - mourn 
(动) 哀痛, 哀悼; 服丧; 为...哀痛; 悲哀地说; 向...志哀
ChineseT English To ChineseT - mourn 
(動) 哀痛, 哀悼; 服喪; 為...哀痛; 悲哀地說; 向...志哀
Japanese English To Japanese - mourn 
(動) 嘆き悲しむ
Korean English To Korean - mourn 
동. 탄식하다, 슬퍼하다, 누구의 죽음을 슬퍼하다
verb: feel sadness Example:She is mourning her dead child.
verb: observe the customs of mourning after the death of a loved one


 Synonyms for mourn
lament: grieve, bemoan, bewail, deplore, weep
Tenses for mourn
Present participle: mourning
Present: mourn (3.person: mourns)
Past: mourned
Future: will mourn
Present conditional: would mourn
Present Perfect: have mourned (3.person: has mourned)
Past Perfect: had mourned
Future Perfect: will have mourned
Past conditional: would have mourned

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