Definition of munificence Pronunciation
1. The quality of being munificent; generosity.
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English - English - munificence Pronunciation
n. generosity; lavishness in giving
n. munificence, generosity
English - Spanish - munificence Pronunciation
s. munificencia, altruismo, filantropía, generosidad, humanitarismo, liberalidad
English - French - munificence Pronunciation
n. munificence
English - German - munificence Pronunciation
n. Freigebigkeit; Verschwendungssucht
English - Italian - munificence Pronunciation
s. generosità, munificenza
English - Portuguese - munificence Pronunciation
s. munificência, generosidade; liberalidade
English - Russian - munificence Pronunciation
с. щедрость, необыкновенная щедрость
English - Turkish - munificence Pronunciation
i. cömertlik, eli açıklık
French - English - munificence Pronunciation
(f) n. munificence, generosity
English - Dutch - munificence Pronunciation
zn. gul iem., iem. die strooit met geld
English - Greek - munificence Pronunciation
ουσ. γενναιοδωρία
French - Spanish - munificence Pronunciation
(conduite) munificencia (f); generosidad (f)
French - German - munificence Pronunciation
n. großzügigkeit
French - Italian - munificence Pronunciation
(conduite) munificenza (f); generosità {invariable}
French - Portuguese - munificence Pronunciation
(conduite) generosidade (f)
French - Turkish - munificence Pronunciation
[la] el açıklığı, cömertlik
French - Dutch - munificence Pronunciation
(conduite) generositeit (f); vrijgevigheid (f); gulhartigheid (f); gulheid (f)
English - Chinese - munificence Pronunciation
(名) 宽宏大量; 丰厚; 慷慨
English - Chinese - munificence Pronunciation
(名) 寬宏大量; 豐厚; 慷慨
English - Japanese - munificence Pronunciation
(名) 気前のよさ
English - Korean - munificence Pronunciation
명. 아끼없이 주기

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