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Definition of muster

1. Gathering.
1. An assemblage or display; a gathering, collection of people or things.
2. Military An assembling or review of troops, as for parade, verification of numbers, inspection, exercise, or introduction into service.
3. The sum total of an army when assembled for review and inspection; the whole number of effective men in an army.
4. New Zealand A roundup of livestock for inspection, branding, drenching, shearing etc.
2. Showing.
5. Obsolete Something shown for imitation; a pattern.
6. Obsolete An act of showing something; a display.
7. A collection of peafowl (an invented term rather than one used by zoologists).
3. To show, exhibit.
4. To be gathered together for parade, inspection, exercise, or the like (especially of a military force); to come together as parts of a force or body.
5. To collect, call or assemble together, such as troops or a group for inspection, orders, display etc.
6. To enroll (into service).
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English - English - muster

n. act of mustering; military enrollment; assembly; gathering up; list of names in a military unit
v. gather together, assemble for action or ceremonial purposes, collect
n. pattern, model; example, paragon, ideal, acme of perfection; decorative design; sample, exemplar, specimen, representative part of a larger group

English - Spanish - muster

s. (Militar) revista; (Militar) reseña; reunión, aglomeración
v. llamar; recolectar

English - French - muster

n. appel (armée), revue (militaire); assemblée, rassemblement; feuille d'appel d'une unité militaire
v. se rassembler, amasser, concentrer;s'entasser; proclamer;s'armer de courage

English - German - muster

n. zum Appell antreten, Aufgebot
v. (ein) sammeln; mustern; aufbieten, -bringen; konzentrieren

English - Indonesian - muster

n. apel, pengumpulan, kumpulan orang untuk pemeriksaan
v. mengumpulkan, menghimpun

English - Italian - muster

s. (Mil) adunata; rassegna, rivista, ispezione; raccolta, assembramento; (Comm) campione, saggio
v. (Mil, Mar) adunare, radunare, chiamare a raccolta, riunire; raccogliere, mettere insieme; (fig) fare appello a; (am; Mil) arruolare; congedare

English - Polish - muster

n. zgromadzenie, stado, apel
v. zbierać, gromadzić, zgromadzić, zwołać, skrzyknąć, zbierać się, zmobilizować się, zebrać, zgromadzać, zwoływać, skrzykiwać

English - Portuguese - muster

s. comandante, organizador (no exército); agrupamento, aglomeração; lista de nomes (no exército)
v. passar em revista; fazer chamada; reunir para inspeção; juntar; mostrar; exibir

English - Romanian - muster

n. apel, adunare, inspecţie, paradă, mulţime, mostră
v. reuni, strânge, aduna, chema, ridica

English - Russian - muster

с. сбор, смотр; осмотр, освидетельствование, перекличка; скопление, общее число; список личного состава; судовая роль; стая
г. собирать, набираться, проверять

English - Turkish - muster

f. toplamak, toplanmak
i. toplanma, yoklama için toplanma, toplam

English - Ukrainian - muster

n. збір, зібрання, колекція
v. збирати, збиратися, налічувати, зараховувати

German - English - muster

v. gather together, assemble for action or ceremonial purposes, collect

English - Dutch - muster

zn. appel; inspectie; (laten)verzamelen; namenlijst (bij leger); bijeen roepen
ww. zich verzamelen, bijeenkomen; verzamelen, bijeenroepen

English - Greek - muster

ουσ. επιθεώρηση, συνάθροιση
ρήμ. μαζεύω, συγκεντρώνω, συγκαλώ, συναθροίζω, συναθροίζομαι, επιθεωρώ

German - Spanish - muster

n. modelo (m), muestra (f), prototipo (m), calaña (f), espécimen (m), dechado (m), padrón (m), patrón (m), ejemplo (m), ejemplar (m), dibujo (m), diseño (m), paradi

German - French - muster

n. dessin (m), échantillon (m), motif (m), patron (m), modèle (m), spécimen (m)

German - Italian - muster

n. modello (m), campione (m), disegno (m), esempio (m), ideale (m), modulo (m), paradigma (m), standard (m), schema (m)

German - Russian - muster

n. образец (n), макет (n), модель (n), опытный экземпляр (n), проба (n), рисунок (n), узор (n), пример (n)

German - Turkish - muster

i. örnek (n), eşantiyon (n), desen (n)

German - Dutch - muster

dessin ,model ,monster ,staal ,voorbeeld ,monsters patronen ,patroon ,staaltje ,toonbeeld ,toonbeelden

English - Arabic - muster

‏تفقد عسكري، إجتماع، تجمع‏
‏سعى للحصول على دعم، جمع، إجتمع، إحتشد‏

English - Chinese - muster

(名) 召集, 点阅, 集合
(动) 召集, 应召, 集合; 集合, 集中

English - Chinese - muster

(名) 召集, 點閱, 集合
(動) 召集, 應召, 集合; 集合, 集中

English - Hindi - muster

n. मुआयना, निरीक्षण, गिनती, जायज़ा, हाज़िरी, बैठक, सभा, संग्रह, नमूना, आदर्श

English - Japanese - muster

(動) 召集する; 奮い起こす
(名) 召集; 検閲; 点呼; 集合; 点呼名簿

English - Korean - muster

명. 소집, 집합, 사람 따위의 집합, 동물 따위의 집합
동. 소집하다, 모이다, 불러 모으다, 집합시키다

English - Vietnamese - muster

n. sự tụ hợp người để kiểm điểm, sự duyệt binh, sự tụ hội, sự hội họp
v. tụ họp, tập họp, duyệt binh, điểm danh, thu góp tài liệu

German - Chinese - muster

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Verb forms for muster
Present participle: mustering
Present: muster (3.person: musters)
Past: mustered
Future: will muster
Present conditional: would muster
Present Perfect: have mustered (3.person: has mustered)
Past Perfect: had mustered
Future Perfect: will have mustered
Past conditional: would have mustered