Definition of nanobot Pronunciation
1. A very small autonomous robot, typically the size of a biological cell, designed to work alone or in very large numbers to achieve some task.
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English - English - nanobot Pronunciation
n. theoretical microscopic robot that will be built using nanotechnology (Computers)
English - Spanish - nanobot Pronunciation
s. robot microscópico (todavía a nivel teorético) que será construido utilizando nanotecnología (Informática)
English - German - nanobot Pronunciation
n. Nanobot, Roboter mit den Einsatz von Nanotechnologie gebaut (Computer)
English - Portuguese - nanobot Pronunciation
s. robô microscópico
English - Dutch - nanobot Pronunciation
zn. theoretische microscopische robot die gebouwd zal worden voor de nanotechnologie (Computers)

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