Definition of natatorial Pronunciation
1. Of or pertaining to swimming.
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English - English - natatorial Pronunciation
adj. of swimming, adapted for swimming, characterized by swimming
English - Spanish - natatorial Pronunciation
adj. De natación, adaptado a la natación; caracterizado por la natación
English - French - natatorial Pronunciation
adj. natatoire, qui sert à nager, adéquat pour la natation
English - German - natatorial Pronunciation
adj. schwimmfähig, angepaßt zum Schwimmen, charakterisiert durch Schwimmen
English - Italian - natatorial Pronunciation
agg. natatorio, relativo al nuoto
English - Portuguese - natatorial Pronunciation
adj. natatório, adaptado para natação, caracterizado pela natação
English - Russian - natatorial Pronunciation
прил. плавательный, относящийся к плаванию, плавающий
English - Turkish - natatorial Pronunciation
s. yüzmeye ait
English - Dutch - natatorial Pronunciation
bn. zwemmend, zwem-
English - Greek - natatorial Pronunciation
επίθ. κολυμβητικός
English - Chinese - natatorial Pronunciation
(形) 有关游泳的, 以游泳为主的
English - Japanese - natatorial Pronunciation
(形) 水泳の, 水泳に適した, 水泳に特徴づけられた
English - Korean - natatorial Pronunciation
형. 헤엄치는

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