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English English - Definition of necessity 
n. essential; indispensability; obligation; need, requirement; poverty
Spanish English To Spanish - necessity 
s. necesidad, condición, menester, prioridad
French English To French - necessity 
n. nécessité; obligation; contrainte, force; besoin
German English To German - necessity 
n. Bedarf; Notwendigkeit; Elend
Italian English To Italian - necessity 
s. necessità, necessario; bisogno; l'essere indispensabile; ineluttabilità; miseria, povertà, indigenza
Portuguese English To Portuguese - necessity 
s. necessidade; obrigatoriedade; pobreza
Russian English To Russian - necessity 
с. необходимость, предметы первой необходимости, надобность, настоятельная потребность, неизбежность, нужда, бедность, нищета
Turkish English To Turkish - necessity 
i. gereken, zorunluluk, gerek, gereklilik, ihtiyaç, lüzum, kaçınılmazlık
Albanian English To Albanian - necessity 
n. nevojë, domosdoshmëri, pashmangshmëri, varfëri, skamje
Dutch English To Dutch - necessity 
zn. noodzaak; behoefte; armoede
Greek English To Greek - necessity 
ουσ. αναγκαιότητα, ανάγκη, χρεία
ChineseS English To ChineseS - necessity 
(名) 需要, 必然, 必需品
ChineseT English To ChineseT - necessity 
(名) 需要, 必然, 必需品
Japanese English To Japanese - necessity 
(名) 必要; 必需品; 貧乏
Korean English To Korean - necessity 
명. 필수품; 필연; 필요, 요구; 궁핍, 가난, 곤궁
noun: anything indispensable
noun: the condition of being essential or indispensable


 Synonyms for necessity
1. requirement: qualification, demand, vital part, postulate, essential, imperative, necessary
2. need:
3. fate: compulsion, destiny, inevitability, karma, kismet
4. exigency: indigence, pinch, need, stress, neediness, urgency

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