Definition of neophile Pronunciation
1. A lover of new or novel things.
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English - English - neophile Pronunciation
n. person who loves novelty, one who likes trends; person who accept the future enthusiastically and enjoys changes and evolution
English - French - neophile Pronunciation
n. personne qui aime l'innovation, la nouveauté; personne qui accepte les changements avec enthousiasme, personne qui accepte le futur
English - German - neophile Pronunciation
n. Neuheiten und Neuerungen liebende Person; Person die die Zukunft enthusiastisch entgegnet und Veränderungen liebt
English - Italian - neophile Pronunciation
s. neofilo, chi ama le novità, chi ama aggiornarsi, chi auspica o accetta di buon grado i cambiamenti
English - Portuguese - neophile Pronunciation
s. neófilo, pessoa que gosta de novidades
English - Japanese - neophile Pronunciation
(名) 新しいものが好きな人; 熱狂的に未来を受け入れたり変化や進展を楽しむ人

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